Apple Pay (Wallet)


Then that is definitely a massive fail at their end.


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How does everyone access the Wallet app (on iPhone)? Home screen or Control Center?

I have the app it in the bottom right corner of my Control Center.


I just double tap the side button


Ooh very nice, yes there is a setting in Wallet & Apple Pay :+1:


Personally for me depends on what kind of device you’re on Touch ID or Face ID.

On a Touch ID device, Just in one sweep if you want to pay with the default card just hold up to the payment terminal with your finger already on Touch ID.

The payment terminal will automatically wake up your device and use your default card and because your fingers already on Touch ID it’ll be immediately authorised.

On a Face ID device, I just double tap the sleep wake button to trigger Apple Pay then authorise with Face ID and continue if I want to use the default card to hold near the payment terminal.


Very rarely. I basically only use the watch. I barely know how it works on the phone.


What a shame business visa debit isn’t supported with commbank yet


Okay I just set up my CBA MasterCard with Apple Pay. But … when am I going to be able to add eftpos? Not much of a difference between using Apple Pay and PayPass otherwise … I don’t want to put everything on my credit card and then have to transfer $$ across! Using eftpos was what I thought it would do, and what I’d been waiting for … sigh!


I have been using Apple Pay since ANZ rolled it out.

I have had a series 3 Apple Watch for a few months, and very much prefer to use that than my iPhone 6. Double tap the side button. It’s way faster for me (my phone is quite slow likely age/battery related).


Likewise. Using the phone requires more fiddling. You have to get it out of wherever you keep it, whether pocket or bag, then activate the app. Watch is on your wrist, double tap side button and away you go.


I have only a vague idea of how this all works, but I think that’s only because a) your MasterCard has a credit component linked to a credit account other than than the savings component, which wouldn’t be the case if you had a debit MasterCard which takes money from the same account regardless of credit or savings, and b) Apple Pay with Eftpos support was only announced on Monday, and ANZ is the only bank with Apple Pay with Eftpos support currently. Given that it’s taken a few years for CommBank to adopt Apple Pay, who knows how long it will take for them to enable Apple Pay with Eftpos.


Yeah - I’m actually really glad they’ve finally rolled over and listened to their customers! (Thanks Benny!) Will just have to wait and see how long it takes for the eftpos facility to be added … :blush:


Additional: I hope people are reading this stuff :grinning: otherwise it’s just a giant waste of my time to be replying and it might be worth while and time to find a new hobby.

That’s up to the Commonwealth Bank unfortunately and will require them to implement eftpos.

Unfortunately I was trying to warn people not on here but elsewhere that eftpos support was going to not be there at day one.

Given the whole stance on this matter and the fact that they have buckled and now somewhat in with Apple Pay will have to see how really in they are on Apple Pay.

But theoretically, if they’re all in I would expect them to start adding features in the next couple of months there implementation is mostly where I thought it would’ve been.

But I guess to summarise and answer the question the Commonwealth Bank has not given any timeframes on when they expect to be supporting eftpos and have shown no public indication that they are planning are working on it.

Yeah then you’re probably gonna want to talk to the Commonwealth Bank in the meantime and have them add a debit card to your transaction account or the account you currently use if you don’t want to use credit.

While it’s not eftpos it will allow you to spend your money directly while you wait.

As I mentioned above while waiting you might consider getting a debit card added to your account.

Correct it should be relatively easy to get this additional card added to there existing savings/transaction account.

Which would allow them to bypass the whole credit function while it won’t be eftpos until the Commonwealth Bank chooses to roll that out it will it least allow them to spend the money directly instead of going through credit.

This would essentially be two cards one for credit and one for debit that will come out of the account directly in the case of the debit card.

Actually this isn’t the case, I know the media kinda acted like this is the first time that Apple Pay had eftpos support however eftpos support has been in Apple Pay for one plus years going on two years in a few months.

Initially support up and to the announcement a few days ago was for eftpos only cards. What was added was support for dual scheme cards.

At this stage eftpos in Apple Pay.

Stands at one major bank ANZ and Six Cuscal sponsored credit unions and banks, supporting the eftpos only cards with the only one supporting the multi account selection feature on eftpos only cards being ANZ.

And with the recent announcement only one bank supporting eftpos on what Apple refers to as a dual-network card which I’ve only ever really heard referred to as dual scheme.

Apple is only supporting this at the moment for Visa and the only bank as of a few days ago when it was announced supporting this is ANZ and at this stage they only seem to have it on their debit card products not credit.

So there is no mention of other schemes like Mastercard and there is no mention of it being supported on credit cards.

As of yet, So will have to wait to see what happens as Apple is pretty secretive on this we probably will only know on day of launch.

Actually it’s even worse than that ANZ is the only Bank out of the major 4 to support eftpos on any digital wallet platform including Google Pay.

So the other three haven’t even taken the time this includes the Commonwealth Bank to roll it out on Google Pay.

Google Pay didn’t launch for at least a few months after Apple Pay however the banks had quite a long lead time as Google had announced publicly their support for eftpos long before Apple. Apple Pay just happened to launch a few months earlier then Google.

So if we go off Google’s initial public announcement the banks would’ve had as I mentioned several months before that announcement lead time. I’m going to say this would’ve been it least two years they’ve had to roll out eftpos support.

And they have done nothing to do this on any of the other digital wallet platforms. Despite a lot of them having Google Pay support for quite awhile now.

Yep it’s pretty much going to be a wait-and-see how much they really are in on Apple Pay.


I have a Commbank issued " debit Mastercard / eftpos card.

I can use it as an eftpos card in an autoteller. When swiping you get the option to use debit or savings.
I’ve added the card to Apple Pay, which lists it as a debit mastercard, not an eftpos card.

Transactions using apple pay show as pending for a day or so rather than instantly like with eftpos.


Correct Commonwealth Bank does not currently support eftpos only cards or dual scheme cards with Mastercard/eftpos

Yep transactions that don’t go via eftpos take several days to clear as they go through the credit/debit system through Mastercard or Visa in the case of Commonwealth Bank.

In actual fact it’s not just swiping as well that can result in it going via eftpos when using the physical card for tapping a.k.a. contactless payments merchants now can choose to make your transaction go via eftpos now thanks to things like least cost routing. That’s something to keep in mind if you’re using a physical dual scheme card.


Hello Tonyduffe
I am certainly reading this! It’s a topic I’ve been interested in since Apple Pay first started. Of course I had always assumed that when it a) finally came to Australia, and b) the CBA finally got on board, eftpos would be available immediately - obviously mistakenly! But I’m prepared to wait, and will (somewhat reluctantly!) investigate MC Debit cards in the meantime. I’m afraid I’m more of an Apple user than someone who digs deep into how things work … so thank you for your explanations -much appreciated!


You can apply to upgrade your CBA eftpos card to a debit mastercard. There is no cost and you can then add it to apple pay.


the card within Apple Wallet should show the expiry date, seems a no-brainer for something that users would want to see