Apple Pay (Wallet)


Just downloaded Beem, had never heard of it.

What’s the latest with PayID?



That depends on the bank see the spreadsheet here

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Well, I used ApplePay online for the first time tonight. And CommBank initially blocked it :confused:

Got an SMS from CommBank for confirmation the transaction was genuine, which I did. Reattempted ApplePay and it went through…



That’s hilarious obviously their fraud detection system needs a bit of an update.



At least they’ve confirmed they’re in talks with Apple, I’m looking forward to it

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Yes I saw this news yesterday. That will be another card I do not have to carry.
debit card - I use cardless cash via my bank’s app
credit card - I use Apple Pay
2nd debit account - I use the halo ring
Myki - can soon use phone -

I’m impatiently waiting for a digital driver’s licence which SA already has and NSW are trialling

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That looks really interesting… easy to use and no charging, i like it. But switching accounts agasin… arghh

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Do what I did. I opened up an EasyTransaction Account (no fees), ordered a ring ($39) and intend to just keep $100 in the account to use occasionally (phone dead, Apple Pay failing (happened to me yesterday, most likely device error), impress friends, wow service staff :slight_smile:)

NB: choosing the right size can be tricky (take my advice)



It’s now official. Westpac New Zealand on board with Apple Pay.

That now means both of the two big banks holding out on Apple Pay in Australia have Apple Pay in New Zealand.



Over the last couple of months I’ve been moving towards having a spreadsheet for each country called Digital Wallets Support and today I finished the spreadsheet for New Zealand and I have now pushed this live for everyone.

Available Here
Digital Wallets Support in NZ.
Permanent Redirect:

Have been working on this new layout and design for several months now it takes everything I’ve learnt over the last few years and steps it up.

And it serves as an indication of what will be available on the Australian version I would love people to take a look and any feedback is welcome. Publicly here or privately in our discord server or via email is fine.

The Australian version will start with Google Pay and then will eventually deprecate the Apple Pay one in there as well. Work has already started on this and I’ve released it as a private access spreadsheet for people in our discord channel.

We’ve also started a spreadsheet for Wallet Passes (Loyalty Cards), Transport Systems and Online/Apps Acceptance. A public release of this is on hold at the moment but time permitting should be out in a month or two.

Work has already started on this and I’ve released it as a private access spreadsheet for people in our discord channel it’s currently a blank spreadsheet at the moment data will be converted over as it’s completed from the private spreadsheet but as I mentioned earlier this is not a priority at the moment.

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We have the mySA GOV app now, which has digital copies of our licenses and car registration. It’s actually a pretty polished app.

I haven’t seen any authorities say we can use it in lieu of our physical license, so for now I still take my wallet with me when I’m driving.

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Suncorp added eftpos Support for Apple Pay on Tuesday, 7 May 2019 Notably for dual-network cards joining ANZ to be the second bank offering this functionality.

Like with ANZ you manually have to re-add your card once you do so you’ll be presented with a menu that allows you to choose which payments network the card will use. Can read more about the process here in Apple’s Support Documentation.

This will now allow for Suncorp Visa debit customers to get cash out at point of sale at select merchants in Australia and avoid credit/debit surcharges on contactless payments that normally are incurred when you use the Visa payment network at merchant that choose to surcharge.

Press Releases: eftpos and Suncorp



Thought about it… for a long time… I think I’ll wait til theres a ring with all the functionality of a payment system, as well as a sleep thing. In the meantime I’ll stick with Apple Watch. The ring is a great idea, and unobtrusive, but… not yet for me.

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Is this new? Or has wishful thinking got the best of me?

“Express travel pass”



Added in the recent release of iOS. There’s a little bit of discussion elsewhere regarding it.



Apple today pushed out support for Apple Pay Acceptance in select regions Australia included for iTunes, App Store, Apple Music, and iCloud Purchases.

You can now go in and change the payment method used for purchases. Settings > iTunes & App Store. Next, select your Apple ID email and then tap View Apple ID > Manage Payments > Add Payment Method. The cards should be listed under a new “Found in Wallet” section.

Source: MacRumors

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I can’t see it listed. Just Credit/debit card and PayPal …



Running iOS 12.3? Wasn’t appearing for me either on iOS 12.2 but it showed up after I upgraded.



NAB Australia’s fourth largest bank announced Apple Pay finally today alongside there subsidiary UBank. This now only leaves one of the major banks in Australia holding out which is now Westpac.

The breakdown of the bank’s implementations of Apple Pay how complete they are will be posted probably later today on the spreadsheets.

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I just added my NAB visa debit, business visa and UBank cards to Apple Pay. Worked perfectly.

There wasn’t really much of a PR song and dance about it.

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