Apple Pay (Wallet)


Fingers crossed you’re right


Would these “other banks” be among the “Big Four”, or is it ANZ and some smaller banks?


To be frank he didn’t say and I didn’t ask. He wasn’t keen on really sharing much more.


Just launched!


No MasterCard. FML.

The one time I’m actually with a bank that has something cool and it’s not available for my card :tired_face:


Good thing I got in early and opened an account a week ago - I have a feeling there will be a rush on ANZ cards for a little while.


How long did it take for your ANZ card to arrive? Wondering if I should just hold off and wait. Surely others will follow pretty soon now. I’m hoping for ING.


Yeah, no way CBA/Westpac/NAB will let ANZ hold their title of “only big 4 bank to offer Apple Pay” over them for any longer than absolutely necessary.

Anyone wanting to put money on at least one other big four bank by the end of May?


Hopefully. I’m hoping the part on the Apple Pay Website about “The Big Four Banks” means that they know that other smaller banks might be coming along soon. I’m loathe to open an ANZ account just to use Apple Pay when there’s a chance that ING or someone I already have will be along shortly, and the fact my mortgage is with CBA and as much as I’d jump ship just to give them the finger for lots of reasons, it’s just not that easy. I’ve already got Amex on Apple Pay so that’ll do me for now. But interesting times ahead, at the very least Apple Pay will suddenly be used much more than it was previously, with Amex!

Meanwhile, ING are already responding to customers tweeting at them:


Just setup my ANZ FF black Visa and AMEX on it. Looking forward to using it on Watch and iPhone with a fallback to AMEX (Qantas Discovery), however, the ANZ Visa should work in most places via NFC. Exciting times!


My bro in law just texted me about this but seems like all of you are on top of it!


Wow, look at the tweets people are sending Commbank, and Commbank have (so far ) not replied to any of them.

I switched to Commbank from Bank of Melb two years ago when we re-financed, and at the time we got a good deal, but it certainly wasn’t smooth sailing. It’ll be interesting to see what bank share prices do today on this news.


Still hasn’t. :confused:


Hm, if none of the others have announced by Sunday (May 1) I’ll open one then, but don’t want to risk paying a monthly fee at the end of the first month if I haven’t used the account yet.

I tweeted at ING and they replied pretty much instantly. Really hoping they get on board soon, as I just like the way they do business and their app is fabulous.

Hopefully your card arrives today :slight_smile:


My main bank is CBA so I’d much prefer they come to the party (which I’m sure they will soon) but I still have an ANZ card in a drawer that I never got around to cancelling as a sort of “emergency card”… might have to drag that one out :smiley:

… now to work out how ApplePay actually works… :stuck_out_tongue:


Ha ha, I’ve had it with Amex since it launched, and STILL can’t reliably get it open by holding/pressing/touching the home button or whatever you’re meant to do. It doesn’t look nearly as cool when you have to search through all your apps to find the wallet app and do it that way!


You just hold your phone to the reader (top of the phone to the reader screen) and Apple Pay should appear on your phone automatically, then just touch the TouchID reader (you don’t need to PUSH the button, just TOUCH it).


You can double tap the home button and pre authorise and then just hold your phone to the reader.


Kate must be getting pissed at typing the same thing over and over again.


Meanwhile CommBank are using two tweets to ApplePay enquiries.


I saw a Quest terminal today and didn’t use Apple Pay because I thought it would reject my AMEX. I also forgot that ANZ supports Apple Pay and my Visa/AMEX from ANZ would’ve worked fine. Oops.