Apple Pay (Wallet)


ANZ says 2-3 working days


Doesn’t seem like ANZ does instant notifications of transactions. I paid with Apple Pay at Coles today which worked fine. I guess I need to check via their app which takes days to update for transactions.


Yeah I’ve read that elsewhere. Apart from Apple Pay, I’m not really enthused about moving to ANZ for a variety of reasons (for a start, their ATMS are few and far between). Happy to hang on a bit longer, I don’t think it’s going to be long before someone else makes the leap.


The notifications should come from Wallet itself, I believe


Yes I checked Wallet and nothing is there for ANZ that I used today. I see my AMEX ones though.


They might be working out the kinks


For the three transactions I have done I have received notifications via the Wallet usually in about 30 seconds of doing it. Did two today.


Yeah, I’m getting notifications straight away with mine.

I’ve had an ANZ card for a few years and found them to be total arseholes compared to the CBA. Cancelling it was on my list of things to do when I get a minute. I’ll be sticking with it, for a while at least, now though.


YEah I’m not a huge fan of ANZ so will hold out in the hope that one day NAB goes down the Apple Pay path.


Going off-topic a bit, but I moved to ING Direct a month ago. The ATM rebate is fantastic, meaning I don’t have to worry about fees there. I was with ANZ years ago, but left after my personal and financial information was given to another party without authorisation, and their response being “too bad, shit happens”.

I’ll just have to wait for ING to start offering Apple Pay.


Yeah, I’ve been with them for a while just for my day to day transaction account. The ATM Rebate is great, but even better is the 2% rebate for paywave Transactions under $100. I reckon that is ING’s dilemma… they have a lot of customers because of that rebate and I have a feeling they can’t afford to give you that AND ApplePay, so quite likely we will lose that rebate if and when they offer ApplePay (though they might surprise us). Since I started using the Paywave rebate late last year I’ve made back about $150 as I just do all my small spending with the card. Yes I like using Apple Pay better, but for 2% I don’t mind getting the ING card out of my wallet.

I really like their iphone app and they have been nothing but a pleasure to deal with.

Note that they have dropped the interest rate on their Savings Maximiser Account by .25% as of today, and also there are apparently changes coming to internet banking as well.


I’ve used the beta and it’s massively improved.


Fair point there, although I can see it being a disaster for them if they did drop the 2% rebate. Many people (including myself) have shifted to them because of this, and it won’t go down well. But let’s see what happens.


Had Apple Pay on an Engineers Australia Amex for a few months…Loved the concept and execution. but I still had to carry my wallet around for things like flybuys, license etc etc…

Once all those things can be on the phone it’ll really be great :slight_smile:

Hopefully NAB pickup their game too!


I use Stocard to keep my flybuys and woolies rewards on my phone, but Coles can never scan the code… Not once!


I use stocard for flybuys, works fine, though you need to hold your phone at a weird angle for those scanners they now have next to the EFT terminal.


For me [quote=“julee, post:158, topic:387”]
I use Stocard to keep my flybuys and woolies rewards on my phone, but Coles can never scan the code… Not once!

For me it never works at the self service but at the normal checkout I got it to work


Same, I use Stockard with flybuys, never had a problem,


Saw the ANZ Apple Pay ad last night on TV. Don’t watch a lot of free to air, so may not be new.

Loved it. :slight_smile:

Glad they are marketing it - makes it more likely CBA will stop sitting on their hands and get it going too!


Tried again today, still nope. Could be the glare from my tempered glass SP? Hmmm.

Haven’t seen the advert yet, but been using Apple Pay for a few days now, lovin’ it :stuck_out_tongue: