Apple Pay (Wallet)



Haha I love that :).


Hahaha love it!


@Erwin You wouldnt have another Brother in Law who works at Commbank by chance haha. I would love to know whats going on there.


Does anybody else try some of their cards in Wallet from time to time, juuuust in case support has suddenly appeared?


I did haha. no good


Nah, I don’t think there’s any point. I have no doubt that the second another bank finally gets it up and running it’ll be all over the place like it was with ANZ. I just hope it’s someone I bank with!


Hope so! I can’t see the other big banks letting ANZ sit with something over them for long!


Word on the street is that Westpac might be next, but they’re waiting for whatever is holding up MasterCard to launch. They want all their cards to be available, not just Visa and Amex as is the case with ANZ.


As an aside, what’s so great about MasterCard? I’ve never used MasterCard ever in my life - just Visa and Amex. Any reason to use it?


Anyone who has got Apple Pay, have you been able to add any decent passes? I saw that someone added Woolworths Rewards card but not sure how it was done.


There’s an app Called 1wallet which lets you add non official passes to wallet. It works well, and you can even set passes to automatically pop up at a specific location. Catch is its 2.99 on the AppStore. I was lucky enough to get a promo code from someone on another forum. I think there are other ways to do it but it’s sadly not straight forward otherwise.


No practical difference in my experience


Stocard does that for some cards, but not Woolies for some reason. I’ve added my (rarely used in these Kindle days) Dymocks loyalty card to Apple Wallet via Stocard, but the option isn’t there for Woolies.

You’re right there’s no difference to the cardholder between MasterCard and Visa. Banks negotiate deals with Visa and MC, and most Westpac cards were MasterCard for years, although their new credit cards are Visa (debit cards are still MC).

Keep an eye on this list on the Apple site. As an aside, look at the crazy number of banks in the US!


My current collection of cards. Working quite well. I’ve found that Apple Pay works best with large retailers like Target. Not as good for small boutique shops.


Thanks I’ll give that a try


One mildly annoying thing - as I like to wear my watches slight loose, I don’t have the passcode lock on my Apple Watch, which means I can’t use Apple Pay via the watch. Not a huge deal as I understand the security reason.


Oh awesome, thanks! Hadn’t seen a definitive list, besides the one that it shows you when you try (and fail) to add a card.


Over at WP someone just posted an image of a CBA EFT Terminal with the Apple Pay logo showing on it. Still can’t add CBA cards though.


Are you trying a CBA Visa? According to the ANZ employee in that thread, MC support is a while away yet.