Apple Stops Airport Development


Economics 101. Supply constraints create upwards price pressure which reduces demand as price rises.


One of the many reasons you don’t put marketers in charge of companies.

In the csr of Cook though I suspect it is focus is elesewhere


@tryandbyte and @jaysee thanks.


So maybe they knew the new MacBook Pro would be seriously constrained, and so they put the price up to limit demand for now while the new manufacturing processes are spooling up. And given MBPs are still impossible to get, perhaps they are still more popular than Apple thought, or Apple just wasn’t comfortable putting the price up even more to limit demand. :slight_smile: This is a good reason for why the prices went up…


fuck me, should this forum’s name be changed to applebitch?


Should this rumour hold true and the devices become EOL, I’d hope to see some price drops from retailers looking to shift stock. In which case I might treat myself to a Time Capsule.


I’d encourage you to all send an email like I did! :slight_smile:


I should have mentioned that I actually don’t use the wireless functions of my Time Capsule any more, it’s only job is as a network HDD (using both the internal 2TB one, and another external 3TB one). My Telstra Cable Modem works fine for my other wireless. I was actually considering selling it but figure it might come in handy should the NBN actually arrive and the Telstra one not be useful any more.


Unless you’re very lucky, the Telstra box won’t work with NBN (unless it’s brand new). Also, NBN in Aust seems to be proprietary (even AirPorts can’t do it). :frowning:


I had an Extreme plugged directly into a fibre NTD and it worked fine.


Yep. But unfortunately that’s not the default NBN anymore. :confused:

All the recent ones I’ve seen have needed the Telstra (or other provider) modem still as they are fibre to the (node/building/etc) then custom copper.

I’ve got Telstra Fibre at home, terminated in an ethernet plug on the wall. I can connect with just an AirPort directly using PPoE.


I still have an Extreme plugged into a Fibre NTD and it still works fine. Pretty sure that’s not how it works for other ISPs, Telstra definitely do something funky.


Telstra always do something funky :confused:


I have a feeling that the rumours sites are wrong on this one.

As mentioned above, they are likely working on a home hub of some form and I’m going to guess that they are also probably going to incorporate it into a new Apple TV at the same time.

Time Capsules will be dropped because we all have massive data caps now so we can just load everything we own into that free 5GB of storage Apple give us with our iCloud accounts. Oh thats right that only works in the US like most of their wonderful ideas. (Pet hate, even when i worked there)

The express will also be dropped too so that they can sell more Apple TVs, you can have one in every room hooked up to every TV. Then have a primary in your lounge room and secondary devices scattered around all expanding your network and making the whole house one large connection point.

But thats just what i can gather from the way the rumours are playing out lately.

or, I could be completely wrong.


I just had a quick look because even though the current Airport range is old tech, my nearly 7 year old 3rd gen works really well for the size of my townhouse.

But for $479 for certified refurbished TC with a 3TB internal hard drive? Forget it! :fu: