Apple Store Down! (12 Sep 17)


Sorry - I had to…

The Apple Store is down…

In fact, they’ve fancied up the process - now it repeats a message in about 50 languages saying the store is down but will return soon after an update… I got tired waiting for the English version to return, so just found the above…

PowerBook G5 anyone?

My only real hope is that the older iPhones become more accessible so I can upgrade my 5S to maybe a 6S, but somehow I doubt it’s going to happen - prices will probably just stay around where they are.


Wait - are you saying that they will start selling new products like tonight? Or is it down just for the launch event?

They will announce pre-order dates for later yes?


The store will resume at some point after the launch of the new products… ie in what - about 5-6 hours? And will doubtless have pre-order options at that time…


I found a leaked image of the iPhone X processor floating around :wink:


Just saw the last part of the Event. No surprises at all. I missed the stuff about the watch and appleTV, so will see that later but… meh.


Yep meh indeed, it seems to me Apple have lost their old “pizzaz” , stupid software to put your expression on an animal emoji. I’m sure it will sell phones but not to people like me who want a tool rather than a you.

I also find it quite amusing that it took 2 attempts for the face unlock to work in the demo, that really doesn’t bode well for the testing and reliability of this new feature, but again that seems to be the way of Apple today they simply do not test enough and iron out bugs they rush things to market.



I’m looking with interest at the new 4K capable TV as well but since I lost NBN when I shifted a few months back and I’m again on ADSL2+ I’m going to hold off until the NBN gets here.

I’ve got a 4K TV and a good sound bar but without enough internet speed to stream 4K there’s no point :frowning:


I dont have a 4K TV but had planned to get one sometime soon. Might get the new ATV first, its still good for FHD.


True, but in my case I already have an Apple TV 4 which does Full HD so no reason for me to update yet.


Yeah I was forgetting that. I dont need the new one, I was caught up in the moment. I dont need anything that was announced today :slight_smile:


and this is exactly why Apple do these fancy-pants releases


Not really. If things were available right now to order or buy, sure, but Apple also give a cooling off period.

I wish I had a spare $1600. I want that phone. But I dont, so I wont.

Poll: Which iPhone 8/X are you buying?

Wouldn’t you be able to:
download the 4K iTunes movie to your Mac
Steam the movie from your mac to the AppleTV?


That would work in some cases (like for 4K iTunes content) but it wouldn’t help with 4K Netflix using the Netflix app on the new Apple TV. And can you can download rented movies or just owned ones?

Also it would mean waiting until the movie downloaded before watching it which is a pet hate of
mine. If I’m going to watch a movie then it’s almost always an impulse “I’m going to watch a movie because I’ve got some spare time” thing rather than being planned and having to wait 3 hours to download a movie before watching it.

So yes in theory… but in practice not for me.


Optus rep says can’t say if iPhone 6s plans are changing… …but check back Friday… Ok.


Out of all of them, the X would have to be the one most people want. I want it. But $1579 is a lot of coin, and I have a 6S that works perfectly (and for various reasons it cost me nothing). I would be completely nuts to upgrade. There is no valid reason to do so. Not to mention the fact that although, yes, it would make me happy for a little while, once the dust settles and you’ve showed it off to a few friends and then I get back to my daily routine, it will make absolutely zero difference to my life whatsoever. In fact I could sell my 6S and use my Nexus 5X and also my life would barely change as a result, apart from my messages would be green on other peoples phones when they used to be blue.

Have a think about WHY you are upgrading. If it’s just for a few moments of fleeting happiness, is that worth the $1579 you will be paying (and, presumably, the fun experience of trying to get rid of your old phone on ebay/gumtree/whatever)?


Getting caught up in the excitement is often the only reason I do… but I have had to temper all of that with reality in the past 6 years. My 6S does exactly what I need it to do and I’ll upgrade when an OS upgrade brings it to a state of being (ie SLOW) that I can’t tolerate. IN the meantime, I’m actually not planning to upgrade anything, now.


Ok, so Optus must have a surplus of 6S 128GB…??

On their $40 plan, the iPhone 6S costs:
32GB = $30 ($70/month)
64GB = $35 ($75/month)
128GB = $20 ($60/month)

Basically it’s the best I could have hoped for. A “new” phone with heaps of storage (so sick of running out of room at 32GB), for the same monthly price that I was paying for the 5S years ago.

Seeing lots of comments about how happy people are with their 6S certainly helps this decision… though $25/month more than what I’m paying right now will be the deciding factor…


Have you considered buying outright, second hand? There’s bound to be a bunch turning up when the X is finally available and in peoples hands. Or you could buy from a reputable dealer of second hand phones.