Apple TV in outside temperatures



We have an outside entertainment area with a 50โ€ TV on the wall and Apple TV connected to it.
This will be the first winter the Apple TV is outside.
Should I be worried about the overnight cold temperatures affecting it?
Just temperatures, no rain can get to it.
Should I wrap it in some type of a stubby holder material maybe? :slight_smile:
We live in Sydney



Itโ€™ll be fine.

I canโ€™t find anything about the environmental requirements of the 4th Gen AppleTV, but the 3rd Generation requires 0-35ยฐc operating temperature.


Would condensation be an issue?


If the TV has survived, the AppleTV should be fine.


Thank you all. The TV itself has been outside for few years, plasma, so far no issues.


Consumer grade electronics is often rated for operation from 0 to 35 degrees. The 35 can be the troublesome limit in an australian summer. Your plasma TV may suffer first as it is likely to be generating more internal heat.