Apple TV problems getting Apple TV icon to display


Hi There,

I have an older style Apple TV 2 which won’t allow me to see the Airplay icon when I try to send stuff from the Iview or other TV station apps.

I am trying to send stuff either over my iPhone SE or my iPad. They find the iPhone or iPad icon ok and play on the iPhone or iPad.

I recently upgraded to the most recent IOS on both the iPhone SE and the iPad. Previously I could send only Iview to the AppleTV2 and have it run on my Sony TV.

Since the upgrade I can’t get anything to play through the Apple TV2 to the Sony TV.

I have tried to update in settings or Control Centre but no luck.

I am hoping that someone can help?

Have since unknowingly sorted the Iview issues. Also the other TV apps are now showing the Airplay icon as expected. Don’t know what happened but the issue seems sorted now…