Apple TV2 in 2017, still viable or


I have Apple TV2 in one of our rooms, the intentions were there to hack it and so on but never eventuated.

I will be purchasing the Apple TV4K so is there any reason to still keep the mentioned Apple TV2 ?


I have 3 TVs in the house, what I do is put the newest Apple TV on the Main Lounge TV and the next newest on the master Bedroom TV and the oldest one on the daughters TV.

At the moment my newest is a Gen 4 but after we go NBN (from Novemeber they’re saying) I’ll buy a 4K Apple TV and the other ones will be swapped along the line.

So I think the answer to your question is “keep it if you can use it on another TV in your house but if not then sell it on”.


Any AppleTV that doesn’t run tvOS isn’t worth having in 2017, in my opinion.


I actually find the whole tvOS thing almost more trouble than it’s worth to be honest.

Unless one uses Siri (and I hate Siri) it’s clumsier to navigate than earlier versions.


We still have an AT3 in the lounge room for Netflix and Youtube but a Mac Mini for Kodi (I still can’t love Plex). Kodi is much much better on the Mac Mini than on the ATV4 (Mr MC), although I haven’t looked for alternatives for a long while.

I’ve got ATV4’s in a couple of other rooms and while they are nice for the occasional use they get, the ATV3 just feels simpler and easier to use… Also, I keep bumping the remote and/or holding it upside down.

I would like to move to a single device one day so maybe I should try harder and see if I can love it.


I am so glad that somebody else does that too!

It’s get a bit annoying after a while.


Its bloody useless in the dark, it’s near impossible to pickup with bumping/touching the wrong bit (well at least I find that in the bedroom).

On the upside you can code it to use your TV remote if it’s got the extra buttons it needs that don’t interfere with the TV operations… Or use a Harmony remote which I do in the lounge room… and have a spare I could code up for the bedroom (although I really do use that one so infrequently and only for the ATV4 so I manage :stuck_out_tongue: )


I still have my atv2 jailbroken and running plex but its an old OS (5.0.1) and it doesnt do much else. If all I wanted was Plex, that would be OK, but its not. I’ve packed mine up. Might see if I can sell it in its jailbroken state, I’ll give the incumbent the jb and atvflash black software as well. Its not worth bothering with, without.


I only have an ATV 2 and 3 but use the 4’s at work and know many people who actually prefer the 3 to the 4, but I guess each to their own.


I like some of the apps on the 4 which arent on the 3, but for finding stuff in Netflix I prefer the 3, because I dont use Siri, or the controller. I use the old controller which works fine. I find I am too fumble fingered with the newer one.


You can use the old remote with the ATV4. We have an old remote, I think I bought it to use with my MacBook Pro years ago. My wife uses that because she’s frightened of dropping and breaking the glass on the Siri remote :joy:


Yep, thats what I said I do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: The old remote doesnt confuse me. I may have to buy one, myself, if I sell the old ATVs. There really isnt any need to have 3 of them. LOL!


Sorry, I misread in my pre-caffeinated state, thought you’d written that you used the old ATV because of the remote. :man_shrugging:t2:


That explains it all. I was already 3 parts caffeinated by then :slight_smile:


My old ATV2 (jailbroken to run Plex) is sitting in my drawer idle and has been since I bought an ATV4 which could run Plex natively.

I liked it for Plex, but the current Plex Media Server no longer streams to my old ATV2 (unless you run an old Plex Media Server).


I think the ATV 2 can only do 720p resolution, so that is pretty low these days. The ATV 3 can do 1080p.


Same. I dont think its really worth a penny to a pinch of snot.


If limited functionality is your thing, go right ahead :+1:

No native Plex support, no Apple Music, no Stan, no BBC iPlayer, no ABC iView, no SBS On Demand, etc. Nothing except what Apple decided to offer back in 2014.


I don’t use any of those (seriously), even on my ATV4.


Cool :+1: