Apple TV2 in 2017, still viable or


Only thing I miss is the iView, but that’s easy enough to watch through our Blu-ray player.


How does the Blu-ray player perform at that task?

Part of the reason I like the ATV3 (and ATV4) is that it doesn’t feel like I’m loading the interface via a dialup connection. Playback is usually about on par across the board, it’s just getting there I find to be terrible on other embedded more devices (Smart TV’s / Blu-Ray Players / FetchTV / PVR’s etc). Game consoles tend to do a decent job, but then they have a whole heap more processing power to leverage.


I bought a samsung BR player for exactly that reason, because the ATV2 didnt have native Plex support but I find that now, the software hasnt been updated for ages for most of the apps, and samsung being how it is, there are several newer players since mine which is now not really supported. ATV4 is the go.


Its great. The Apple TV is frustratingly slow at streaming, yet the Blu-Ray player (Panasonic) does a far better job (streams 4K faster than the ATV can stream 1080P) and is easy enough to use. It takes a while to go into network mode, but other than that is great.


I’m trying Plex again, only this time I’m going the whole hog and have unplugged the ATV3 and Mac Mini and dropped in the ATV4 from the other room so I have no choice.

I don’t know if it’s day 1 jitters (as it loads up my library for the first time) but it doesn’t feel as snappy as I expected (compared to how quickly the ATV3 loaded Netflix). Even Netflix itself doesn’t feel quite the same, although it’s possibly all in my head.

If this goes well I might snap up a new 2017 model ATV (ATV5?) and drop that in the lounge room and retire the MacMini from HTPC duties. I’m looking at setting up OSX Server when High Sierra hits and playing around to see what it can do for me.


I find the ATV3 best fo Netflix, because I can find things more easily… browsing is a much more pleasant experience… that said, I cant be bothered switching from one to another… The app on the Fetch Mighty is no better or worse than the AppleTV so if I have already been using the fetch for something I will sometimes just switch to Netflix there. I dont plan to keep the Fetch, though… now that I have experienced it, I find its not that fabulous.


I literally did this last night, I was astounded at the increased speed, nothing but positive results here.
I hope yours is first night jitters…
Although Plex took a bit of initial setup, got it eventually though.
Happy camper here.


Seems the tv option is now gone??? Different to last night.
Doing an upgrade now, may get different results.


Ok, it’s back.
Last night , no results,
now there is a tutorial (1minute)

Up next, consolidated viewing. Could be cool, look forward to test this one.