Apple Watch Advertising Oopsie?


One of two things is happening. Either a few telcos cannot tell the difference between the Sport and stainless steel Apple Watches, or they are planning on offering better watches than just the Sport and they’re just not available yet.

I’ve spoken to a few stores/telcos from Vodafone and Telstra and none that I spoke to had any idea that the stainless steel was potentially going to be offered. Wishful thinking but I hope they do start offering the stainless steel, I’d get my watches through Telstra with the 24 month repayment from now on if they did. The Sport is just not for me.

If telcos started offering the stainless steel, would you go that route rather than outright? Or do you prefer the Sport anyway? (Check the banner image)


Have telcos ever offered the Stainless Steel Apple Watch?

Just looks like they’re using standard marketing images from Apple, TBH, not necessarily as if they’re going to start selling the SS model.


I wouldn’t read too much into it. They’re just the usual marketing images, and someone hasn’t done their job properly.


Unfortunately not

You’d think so, but they didn’t do this previously when they advertised the series 3. They made sure to only use Sport images as far as I recall

That’s what I’m thinking but my hopes got raised when I first saw it pop up, thought I would finally be able to get my watch through Telstra. Bummer.


The Vodafone Apple Watch comparison page even specifically mentions the different case materials. Which seems an odd thing to do if you’re not going to offer anything other than Sport.


That’s just a copy and paste job from here:


Of course but I mean that’s pretty sloppy, That would be like a game store having an advertisement selling PS4’s with a comparison page showing the PS4 and PS4 Pro features but only actually selling normal PS4’s


Possibly a coincidence but otherwise they realised the confusion and took the images down

Update: they took down the banners but the description images still reflect the stainless steel.


Definitely a coincidence, it’s s standard marketing VM change.

As your second screenshot shows, they’re now advertising the Telstra-exclusive Galaxy Watch, which launched yesterday. As opposed to the Apple Watch, which is now old news.


I figured, but it was nice to hope for a while as I definitely would’ve gotten one. Back to the drawing board I guess, stuck with my series 3 for now