Apple Watch daylight saving bug


Anyone else have their Series 4 Apple Watch stuck in a reboot cycle this morning?

Fixed it by changing the iphone timezone


I don’t get how Apple fuck up daylight savings all the time. Surely they’ve got it figured out by now?


I’d be in favour of those places that observe DST to remain permanently on Summertime.

And SA/NT should be GMT +11, would make things so much easier.


I’d MUCH rather they remain permanently on wintertime. Where I live in the middle of winter it’s often -4C and sometimes -6C, another hour earlier in the morning would mean frozen water pipes not just sometimes but most of the time and frosted unusable locks etc.

I think you mean SA/NT should be GMT +9 because WA is +8 and Vic/NSW/Qld is +10.


yep, my bad. The 0.5 hour is annoying. If they don’t go +9 they should go +10 with the eastern seaboard.