Apple watch screen protector/case?


Just wondering (if any) cases/bumpers or screen protectors people area using with their Apple Watch?

I have bumped mine a few times already just walking around (door jams, etc).

I do use mine whilst cycling, and am interested in the protection a bumper affords. There are a wealth of options to wade through.

The Trident Guard looks interesting, though comes in multi colour packs. An alternative is the Luvvit Clarity.


I don’t know of any screen protectors, but I’m interested to know what’s recommended.

I scratched the display of my Apple Watch S4 and I’m devastated every time I look at it. Somehow though, I managed to survive some 4 years with my Apple Watch S0 with no scratches!


My S0 got scratched very early in (top tip: take off your watch when you’re installing snow chains), but my S3 is unscathed so far.

When I got at least one of the non Apple Watch bands it came with a plastic surrounding covery thing which I put on, said “that’s shit” and took off again. The ones you’ve listed look better in their photos but I suspect I would still hate them in person. They still don’t protect the glass itself from sharp things, although I see they add a lip to hopefully keep more stuff off the glass.

I have seen stick on protectors like this, something I’ve ever tried:


I have seen a few hideous ones too. I am interested in a screen protector (this Belkin one will cover where I have a rub mark on the screen) for everyday use, and a bumper/case for on the bike.

I have been interested in a TwelveSouth ActionSleeve for some time for when I play football (soccer) as they can’t be worn on your wrist (I currently use it when refereeing).


That arm band is a nice idea for those who need it. I ride most days and haven’t considered needing a bumper for mine. What are you rubbing it against while riding?


Fortunately have not yet had the S3 rub or be hit by anything whilst riding. More precautionary as last ride I found my fingers sandwiched between the brakes and a tree.