Apple Watch series 2 discussion


So interestingly Apple has made the series 2 watch 0.9mm THICKER. Doesn’t sound like much in a phone but may be significant for a watch that’s already slightly on the chunky side. Also 4g heavier.

Presumably this is to fit the GPS unit in maybe but it does goes against the “thinner lighter” philosophy.


Perhaps they’re focusing on putting all the necessary tech in (at the sake of extra weight and thickness), then will focus on making it thinner when they’ve got the essential tech inside? Perhaps the next version will come with a big cosmetic change, and this first ‘revision’ was merely just a revision?


Does anyone know if the same processor from the series 2 is in the series 1 now? Or are they different dual core processors?


It’s on the site - Series 1 uses the ‘S1P’, 2 uses the ‘S2’.

They look pretty good this time around. I don’t wear a watch but I might buy one when they get a few more sensors. Blood glucose would rock it for me.


Thats what I’m wondering - if the SP1 is the same as the S2 just a different name or something, as the gist I was getting is that the Series 1 Apple Watch was getting the same GPU/CPU upgrades that the S2 got…


That’s my understanding too.


Won’t the addition of GPS impinge on the already shitful battery life?


It does have a bigger battery (the series 2) so it probably gets around the same.


Someone posted that with GPS on, it has 5 hours battery life, though I’m not sure how accurate that is.

Im pretty sure I want one, but I’m not sure if I should get the normal model or the Nike model. It’s not clear if the Nike features wil be available on the normal model by just installing an app, or if they are exclusive to that watch only.


5 hours? One would hope it can do better than that.


5 hours with GPS working could be correct.
Most Golf GPS “watches” nominate 5 hours or so in “golf or GPS” mode.
Watch mode varies from 1 day to 7 days or longer depending on brand/model.


Well, my Garmin Vivoactive only does 10 hours of GPS. Of course when not in GPS mode the battery easily lasts 5 or 6 days. But it’s not the powerhouse that the Applewatch is.

The annoying thing could be, that I regularly go for a run in the morning. If my Watch is charged overnight and then I go for a run, which could be up to an hour, I’ve already used a significant chunk of my battery for the day. Maybe I need to chuck it back on charge whilst showering after my run so it’s ready for when I go to work.


I would think so. It seems to me to be awkward, though, to have to do multiple charges throughout the day. I can understand why people want the watch. I do too, its just that the two things I need (sleep tracking and long battery life) are just not there. I dont care if I cant reply to messages or calls on my watch, and the other things I need (or just want) are available on my Alta and Blaze. And I get a good 3 days worth out of each (more, usually) with everything active. Theres no doubt though, the Apple Watch is a really gorgeous bit of kit. And I wish it was useful to me :frowning:

[edit] of course, theres every possibility that I may cave in and get one anyway. I can always sleep track on the phone. LOL!


My guess is the GPS handover will be seamless - and whenever the paired iPhone is within reach, it’ll use that and switch to the built in one when it’s not. So I’d be guessing they figure very few people would exercise for longer than 2hrs without having their iPhone in their pocket (i.e. only really swimming / surfing / running needs GPS without having a phone). I doubt you’ll even notice it. :slight_smile:

I’ve only ever run out of battery 4-5 times on my Apple watch. Twice it was because I went away for a weekend and forgot the charger. The other times it was because I went on a long bike ride (with software v1). Haven’t had that happen since. My guess is they are getting better at the handoff etc.


See, I’ve done Sleep Tracking on a Fitbit and a Garmin, and the conclusion I came to was that I hate wearing something on my wrist in bed and it actually makes my sleep worse. Plus the results were the same almost every single time. I know how well (or unwell) I sleep and although seeing the results of wearing the device may be interesting once or twice, it’s not really going to help me improve my sleep if that’s necessary.

EDIT PS I seem to recall that the period that you can choose to return the watch was 30 days, rather than the usual 14 for other products. Anyone know if this is still the case?


I keep track of mine because i have obstructive sleep apnea as well as emphysema. I need to see what the quality of sleep is, and how it relates to the machinery I have to contend with every night. I can also see how changes I may make actually affect my sleep. I don’t seem to be badly affected by wearing a device, but if I was, I’d just switch to the phone.


There is still nothing for me that makes a smart watch (of any type) a must have item.

I simply do not see the point to them.

I’m not saying that they aren’t an apparently amazing piece of technology, just that to me they have no real appeal - especially given how expensive they are.


I used to feel the same, but I’ve started a new job and my co worker has integrated his galaxy gear into his workflow very nicely to the extent I think I’ll buy a Series 1 Apple Watch :smiley:


Okay So I managed to snag a 42mm Space Grey Aluminium Sport Watch for pickup at Doncaster. Was particularly nice walking in and just having it handed to me while other people asked if there were any available and were told “no”. If you want one, keeping an eye on the iOS Apple Store app is the best way to do it.

Still getting used to it. I didn’t have the first watch so everything is shiny and new for me, probably lucky to start on WatchOS3.

What I love: Siri. Seriously, I use it to add stuff to our shopping list, for timers, and other random stuff. It’s just really handy being able to do stuff like that while your phone is in your pocket, or even in another room.

Notifications. After having a Pebble and the Garmin Vivoactive, notifications on the Apple Watch are just awesome, and actually LOOK beautiful. I just love the screen. It’s worth having to charge it every day for the beautiful screen.

It works very well in sunlight, you can read stuff easily.

Playing with watchfaces etc is fun but I wish they would open them up to Developers to create completely custom ones, not just the complications you can add to the existing ones. Apps should also be able to include custom watchfaces. It’s a no brainer, can’t believe Apple haven’t done it simply for the fact that they would make money out of it.

Activity tracking: All the functionality is good, but I wish they would let you export/share activites with other services like Strava and Runkeeper. Major failing that they don’t. Waiting for Runkeeper and Strava to release their own Series 2 apps that take advantage of the in built GPS.

Podcasts. Why on EARTH Apple don’t let you sync podcasts, is a major failing. I don’t need many, just a few. But I listen to podcasts at the gym and being able to pair my bluetooth headphones to the watch and listen to podcasts would be awesome. I can’t believe they, or a third party like Shiftjelly haven’t done this.

I’ve found a great app called Gymaholic for recording workouts on the watch, exactly what I wanted.

All in all I’m pretty happy with the Watch. I originally ordered the Nike+ model but when I thought about it, it wasn’t worth the wait til they are released at the end of October.


I’m loving my series 2 after over a year with a series 0. Watch OS 3 is a step up. And the speed is refreshing. Enjoy!