Apple Watch series 2 discussion



Hmmm, the 5 hours of GPS wouldn’t do me. I’m training for my first and only marathon and I’m bloody slow, so need more than that!

The Garmins and things often have a mode that plots GPS coordinates less frequently to extend battery life. Is there a way to adjust that on the apple watch?

My current solution is RunKeeper on my iPhone with a battery pack, that talks to my pebble time.


I can’t work out if I want to buy an Apple watch or not :stuck_out_tongue:


When in doubt… buy!


And for those who have more money than sense:


Oh puke


You do. Its just a matter of which. I want one too.


I think I feel guilt as I don;t really need one and I also worry about bluetooth on my skin all the time. crazy I know but that stuff still slightly worries me even though logically…

I think I’d get the series 1, but the band/colour selection is so rubbish :stuck_out_tongue:


I want Series 1 as well, its got the same battery life, but bandwise, I think ebay will provide. As for the bluetooth thing, it really shouldnt be an issue, I’ve been wearing BT’d fitbits and my wrist so far has remained intact :).


haha yeah this just my crazy cancer worries… I have terrible anxiety issues lol


Get a series 0 to try it out. They are not that expensive now.


Whats the difference between Series 0 and Series 1? I thought they were the same.


Series 0 is the original first gen from 2015. Series 1 is the new one released recently with same CPU (but less powerful I think) as Series 2 but lacks GPS and water-resistance. So Series 1 is same size as Series 0 (as it lacks GPS) but is faster. Series 0 is no longer made so is significantly cheaper secondhand.


Aha thanks for that. No, think I want the series 1 with the faster processor. The basic 38mm is only $399 (I say “only” somewhat with tongue in cheek) and the 42mm IIRC is $449. I’m attracted to the gold coloured alu case and it seems like the midnight blue band is now only a “default” with Rose gold but I guess one could get it aftermarket.

The thing is they are all expensive, so you have to make a decision based on whats important. I like the idea of the brighter screen, but have no need of GPS or water resistance because I’m too old and decrepti to be concerned with either of those. So the series 1 would seem a decent sort of compromise.

Where can Series 0 be bought now?


Ebay[quote=“kyte, post:34, topic:2712”]
Where can Series 0 be bought now?

Ebay and other places used. Rarely some stores may have old stock if you’re lucky.


Well, something has to fill the void left by the Apple Watch Edition. :expressionless:


A question about watch size: Is the measured length of the screen only, or does it include the case?


Series 1 has the same GPU and Processor from the Series 2 but pretty much everything else from the series 0.


That’s awful! It’s not even nicely crafted, looks like the “diamonds” have been stuck on with the sort of glue you give your toddler to stick stuff on paper with!


For those who are waiting like me for an app that will export any runs you do to 3rd party services, one has surfaced called “Pear Sports”.

It’s probably overkill for what I want, but essentially it let’s you track a walk/run with your Series 2 Watch GPS (without needing to take your phone along) and then when finished you can export it to Strava, or various other services.

It’s a subscription service but the first 30 days is free. Hopefully by then we’ll have other free options.

I’ve done some comparison runs with my watch and compared them to my previous running Watch, a Garmin Vivoactive. Essentially neither of them are terribly accurate as far as GPS goes… the Apple Watch is probably a bit more so. When using the auto-pause feature, it seems to sense them quicker than my Garmin ever did, and also senses when you start running again quicker.

It’s nice to be able to do runs with the Apple Watch but you need to manage your battery, eg if you did a run at the end of the day you might need to charge it up a bit before you run since the GPS can gobble battery quite a lot.