Apple Watch series 2 discussion


Caved in this morning, ordered a silver/white series 1. I actually want a black band but didnt want the watch itself to be black. Theres enough already with the face.

Why not Series 2? 1) Money 2) dont need GPS or waterproofing 3) did want flybuys points.

Wednesday is the day.


Don’t Strava and Runkeeper etc have native Apple Watch apps?

I use Runkeeper (not on the watch, I don’t have one :frowning: ) as I have about 5 years worth of data on it, but all my friends are on Strava so I use Tapiriik to sync between the two. Free to sync manually, and a whopping $2/year to automate it.


They do, but they haven’t yet been updated to take advantage of the Series 2 GPS so that you can run without your phone and still record your route. Runkeeper have said they are working on it and Strava have mentioned it in a tweet so it’s definitely going to happen, just a matter of when. Personally I’ve installed all the run apps I can find so that I’ll know when each one gets updates with any Series 2 GPS functionality.


Ah, didn’t realise that. Hopefully they’ll update the apps soon as I’m seriously contemplating buying a watch mainly so I can run without my phone!


This is definitely pushing me towards getting a Series 2 Watch, especially if they integrate Strava with the in-built GPS. That’ll be the tipping point for me, I’m already on a knife’s edge anyway…


Strava are never the fastest in updating to latest OS features, as last year they didn’t update to watch OS2 until December.
Use it all the time on the watch for cycling, works great, only wish it showed metres of ascent on watch.


Slight bumpage.

So even though I didn’t end up with the Nike Watch, you can still install the Nike Run Club app on your Series 2 and run without your phone and track your route. There’s an app called Rungap so you can export runs to Strava/runkeeper if you wish, but it’s $2.99 for three months of access. Hopefully by the time the first three months is up, Strava or runkeeper will have released their own app.

Meanwhile, today I was sitting in another room with out any idevices and only my watch, and need to enter a 2FA code into something. It suddenly occurred to me that it would be incredibly handy to have the 2FA authentication app on my watch. So I found this which works brilliantly and now I have codes on all my devices, synced via icloud. It’s handy little things like this that make the watch worth having.


Authy for the watch is one of my favourite use cases.


Well, I’ve solved my sleep tracking issues with Sleep++. I can’t remember who suggested that but thanks, whoever it was. I like it. I was switching back to a fitbit at night for a while because it was chewing battery (25% overnight) but now its only eating maybe 8%, I can charge up before bed, then not need to charge again until late afternoon.

I’ve tried some other apps but because you need to fiddle with the phone either before or after or both, they just dont work for me. It would be good if Sleep++ was automatic, but that will come in time, I guess. I just have to remember to tell it I’m going to sleep and then again when I wake…

There is an automatic tracker called sleep watch, but it doesnt always detect sleep, especially if you’re restless. You can add later though. Anyway, all in all I am happy with my watch, battery life since the last update is good, and I love its presentation. Now need to flog off the fitbits.


it is little things like that that make Apple a great computer company. Probably the reason I was so down on the new MBP was the loss of so many little things that make apple products unique (well, I was also down on the price, but I digress).


Just setup my S2. Couple of things I noticed:

The Watch app didn’t give me the option to restore from backup. I’m guessing this is because I went from a Stainless Steel to Aluminium Watch.
My Watch must’ve automatically updated to watchOS 3.1 during the setup process. If it did, it was fast!


Did you un-pair your old watch first? Surely it should have offered restore if you did. The backup is done when you un-pair afaik.


Can assure you it didn’t ask for a restore. The only differentiator is the material and going from S0 to S2. The phone knows the material of the Watch when pairing, I’m guessing there’s either a technical reason I can’t think of, or Apple didn’t invisgae a use case of people changing between Watch material.

Screenshot of backup below.


I’m almost certain there is no software difference between the materials.

Did you unpair your old watch first? (as the phone supports multiple watches, maybe that triggers the restore option. I vaguely remember not being able to restore when I forgot to unpair first when transferring phones one time…)


Most definitely unpaired. As you can see it performed a backup when I unpaired last night.

100% backed up and unpaired. 100% did not give me the option to restore from backup when I paired my new Watch.


Bummer. :frowning: I assume new watch was running latest update?


Both running 3.1. It doesn’t matter. It took about 10 minutes to customise to how I like. And even when restoring from a backup Health still puts an additional Watch into Sources (which I hate). More so interesting/curious more than anything.


Yeh - I’m more curious than anything else too. :slight_smile:

The health history is still in the Activity App right?


Correct. That’s stored in the phone though (and is linked to each Watch in Health - Sources.)