Apple Watch


In a few years, when the Apple Watch can detect heart irregularities, you’d be crazy not to wear one. Even more so because you haven’t worn a watch in years and can’t justify the cost.


I fail to see the logic in that, why would the fact that I haven’t worn a watch in years and can’t justify the cost of an Apple Watch mean that I would be more inclinded to need to monitor heart irregularities?


Don’t you mean in WatchOS4? That was part of the presentation and I can’t wait for it, because I do have irregularities and one day they are going to kill me dead. I’d like to be able to keep tabs on them, for my cardiologist. The only thing I am unsure of is whether I will also need a series 3 watch. But, if I do, I’ll get one. I have no need of GPS or LTE for the watch so if I dont need to have it for the heart arrhythmia detection, I’ll stick with my 1.

[edit] All good, working on Series 1, no need for me to get a new watch.


This is a worrying read…

Hopefully Apple sort these issues out!


Oh dear, after reading that I’m starting to doubt my cellular Apple Watch purchase. Add to that I’m a Vodafone customer so I have to wait for VF support later in the year.


Hopefully it’s not as bad as it seemed to the Verge (although they did still need to swap out the device first, which is a worry!)

That said, Gruber experienced no problems…


Hmm… :frowning_face:


The Series 0 already take regular heart rate measurements so I don’t quite understand what this feature wouldn’t work unless it’s designed around an even more aggressive monitoring scheme that battery wouldn’t permit.

I wonder if Apple considers the age of the batteries in the original watches too… as in they are performing at a lower level now that they are older, working on the assumption that very few people ever upgrade/replace the battery.


I think thats very likely. I am not getting as much time out of a full charge as I was before this update, and I have actually switched off the checking for elevated heart rate (which is what I wanted it for) and will keep an eye on battery use for the next day or so. I could be wrong, in which case i’ll switch it on again.


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