AppleCare for Mac — Is it worthwhile?


I recently bought a 2018 MacBook Pro, my first new Mac since 2010.

Back in 2010 I purchased AppleCare with my previous MacBook Pro. To this day, I am yet to experience an issue with that machine and it has not required any servicing or technical support.

I am interested in people’s current opinions on the benefits of AppleCare for Mac.
In my experience Apple’s acknowledgement and acceptance of the Australian Consumer Law has improved over the last eight years — especially in regards to mobile device servicing.

Does AppleCare for Mac provide tangible benefits above and beyond the Consumer Law that make it worthwhile?


Because of the investment on the actual product, sometimes it’s hard to justify the extra cost when consumer law protects you to a point. Especially when the Apple care costs almost $500 for a 15”. That said, often the cost of a replacement screen or logicboard is over a $1000. Consumer law doesn’t always protect you with accidents. Apple care has that provision, but if you don’t take your MBPro outside often, your home and contents insurance should cover accidents in the home.

Personally for the peace of mind I’d get it. But until you’ve had problems it’s hard to really explain why it can help when you do have problems, the last thing you want to do is be jumping up and down at an Apple store shouting about consumer law when you just want your MBPro fixed.


It’s now known as AppleCare+ and also covers against accidental damage. Although it’s expensive for a 15 inch macbook pro, it’s still considerably less than most insurance policies’ excess…


I had AppleCare on my 2012. It was the only time I ever got AppleCare, and I needed it. While I would argue most things SHOULD be covered by Australian Consumer Law, I didn’t purchase it in Australia, nor did I use it in Australia. So this is a guess based on my reading of the law based on previous discussions of its contents. That said, by the end of the AppleCare period, I had three different power supplies, several key caps, a battery, and internal wiring all replaced. I don’t think I had a defective unit. While I kept the outside always in a hard case and was very careful with the external appearance, I used that 2012 hard for quite a few years. In the end, because I got so many replacement bits right at the end of the warranty, I was able to sell the 2012 when I needed to for a relatively high amount AFTER returning it to base specs. This meant I was able to pay a month of rent. So for me? Yeah, it was worth it.


Thanks for everyone’s comments. Good to know about the accidental damage coverage – it’s certainly been a long time since I’ve purchased an AppleCare policy for a laptop.
I ended up purchasing AppleCare+ for the machine. The worldwide support and accidental damage coverage where the key influences towards my decision.
It was a fair cost for the 15" model, but hopefully the piece of mind will be worth it in the long run!


It seems Apple have tried to make AppleCare more enticing since the ACCC’s involvement? Or did they already offer accidental damage cover?

I think I used to pay a bit under $100/year for electronics cover - outside the home - covering laptops and cameras up to $x… Maybe choke AppleCare is good value now?