Apple's idiocracy


Walked into the Apple store to get an imac. They used to carry common custom builds in stock but now they do not carry a single imac with more than 8gb of ram and an SSD. You can buy 20 different models with different processors but they all have 1tb hybrid drives and 8gb ram. Wtf?


That’s just plain stupid… at least they should have iMac builds with a proper SSD in them…


Good to know. Can you get upspec ones at places like JB hiFi I wonder?


Nope. Only bto order collect later


Probably not a surprise given that the iMac is due for a refresh in a couple of months, they wouldn’t want to keep too many variants in stock due to this is my feeling. I certainly wouldn’t be looking at an iMac at the moment due to this.


I really need a refresh now! Apart from no longer being able to install the latest OS because it can’t support metal, the GPU has crapped out again! I will try to fix one more time.

I wonder if the next iMac will use the same internal layout as the iMac pro? Better for cooling, but not even being able to upgrade ram would really suck.


So what did you do, Missionman? Stock or BTO? How long?


This is why I’m so ambivalent about what my next purchase will be. I’m unhappy with the idea of not being able to swap out any components whatsoever. Is there anything beyond 2012, both MacBooks and Mac Pros, that are even worth looking at?


I had a choice of buying a small MacBook Pro or iMac now (as I will replace my current quad core mbp with the iMac later) so I bought a MacBook Pro from Myer because I refused to give Apple any more margin for sub standard service. Lodged a complaint a week ago with Apple and I’ve heard nothing in reply.

I’m now considering whether I get a power windows desktop and dump Apple. There machines are no longer upgradable, they’re inflexible on walk in purchase and they now have sub standard service. It’s a sad reflection of the company that was once an innovation service leader and now being out innovated by Microsoft and their service is terrible.


What was the complaint about?


I complained that they carry multiple desktop models with 8GB of RAM and hybrid drives and none with any higher ram or SSD’s. I could have complained about the rude Apple staff member I dealt with but it wasn’t worth the effort.

Whilst I don’t expect them to change things, I at least expect them to acknowledge the complaint and give me the usual stupid pitch/lie about caring about customer feedback.


Fair enough… I would have mentioned the rude salesperson, as that kind of complaint would probably get more immediate attention…

I haven’t bought a Mac from a bricks and mortar store for almost 15 years. I prefer to CTO and get my spanking new freshly made Mac delivered to my door…


A rich man’s game that. I always have picked the high end in the past, as i didn’t upgrade every three years. All those ‘design’ decisions mean is I either buy much cheaper, lower end, lower margin versions, or go elsewhere.