Apple's September Event 16/09/2020 (3amAEST)

No I was not. I expected they would all be like dinner plates, all of which I have resisted thus far.

If Apple follow the new trend and release a folding phone…

does that mean instead of a dinner plate it’s an after dinner book :laughing:

There are also rumors on multiple web sites that the new iPhones won’t be shipped with a power brick (which I can live with) and will not be shipped with wired ear buds (which is annoying).

I can’t use the standard AirPods, they fall out of my ears at anything more strenuous than just sitting and the AirPods pro are $399 AU which is a fair bit of extra cash when your target phone isn’t the top of the line iPhone but rather the 12 (when it’s released).

New Apple Watch and iPad Air, no iPhone this morning.

I did order the Apple Watch 6.

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I think it’s very likely that some or all of the new iPhones will not ship with a power adapter. As for the earpods, that could be the same deal given that many/most people that have had a few iPhones probably have EarPods that they have never used. Of course, we suspect that one day all phones will be void of ports and charging and listening will have to be done wirelessly.

FYI, EarPods cost $45 (Headphone plug or Lightning connector), Power Adapters are $29 (5W or 12W) or $49 (18W), and when available for purchase, I imagine the new 20W Power Adapter will also cost $49. And for comparison, the respective USD prices are $29, $19 and $29.

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So… almost $100 on top of the cost of the iPhone 12 (my existing wired earpods are really too used and worn to keep using with a new phone). That’s not ideal… but that’s a problem for future me.

On the plus side the new base model iPad has an A12 chip now which is good news :slight_smile:

I asked for a trade in price and Apple offered my $260 for my existing iPad so the change over is reasonable and I’ll be getting a larger screen and a 2 generations newer device.

I’ll touch base with SWMBO first (who I don’t think will mind) before ordering though.

The new watch SE looks like good value too… but one device at a time.

Happy to send you some unused EarPods. PM me your address if you want them (no charge of course).

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That is very generous of you Kerr… thank you.

I will keep it in mind for when I upgrade.

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Nothing about todays stuff makes me want to change. Happy with my Air3, and Watch5. Don’t need SpO2, got a separate device. Don’t need such a basic boring sleep app. Making do with what I have and glad to do so, really can’t afford to get any new stuff.

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I want to know when Australia will get access to the whole ECG thing…


Me too. Thats partly why I upgraded to the 5, for that and falls detection.

If ECG and fall detection worked in Aussie I’d be much more tempted by the new watch… but sans that functionality nope.


Just finished ordering a new iPad, Apple offered me $260 trade in for my old iPad so I accepted that.

Delivers 07/10/2020 - 12/10/2020

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It’s possible to enable it, which I have done, but I’ve got to warn you it was a bit of a process. Still, only has to be done once, and it’ll remain active in future.

You basically have to jailbreak your phone, activate it, then restore your phone if you don’t want to keep the jailbreak. The jailbreak’s own restore didn’t work - bank apps didn’t work still after running it, so a full restore from backup.

Link to what I followed for those who want to go to the effort:

5 minutes to d/l iOS14, and over 25 to prepare the update. sheesh. And then, I need to do my SE as well.

Just watched the second half of the keynote as I only stayed up yesterday to watch the first half. Going through the specs of everything and comparing to previous models, I notice that the new iPad Air no longer has a headphone jack.

That leaves the iPad, iPad mini and iPod Touch as the remaining handheld devices that still have a 3.5mm audio jack.


I still don’t get the removal of the 3.5mm jack in devices. I mean I suppose when it’s to get them thinner … maybe, but do they need to be thinner (which usually leads to being more fragile)? And on an iPad? Surely we can find that piece of space?

Is there some massive failure rate caused by having the headphone jack?

My kids seem to have a natural capability to destroy headphones (also to never charge things) so cheap wired headphones just work (and, as the name implies, are cheap to replace).

I know more and more people are going wireless (and I’m one of them), but right now I’m wearing a wired headset which switches between my computer and my phone for work. And yes, I’m using a lightning to 3.5mm adaptor.

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Good pick up! I had not noticed that.

The new iPad Air version does seem (other than the lack of the headphone jack) to be the sweet spot for those who use an iPad as their main home computing device now though.

Me I mostly use mine for streaming video and reading ebooks so I don’t need more than the basic model (and it saves me some $).

ie to say as a media consumption device not a general computing device (I’ve got a laptop for that).

iPhone 5: audio jack relocated from the top to the bottom
iPhone 7: audio jack removed (need 3.5mm audio to lightning adapter)

What I have wanted for many years is two USB-C ports on mobile devices, one in the usual location on the bottom and a second one in the middle on top of the device. That way, on either side you can charge or use headphones (of course, earphones and headphones should move to using a USB-C connector). The EarPods with lightning connector are one of the most useless products Apple has ever created, EarPods with a USB-C connector, now that would be something.

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Just had a look at the Watch comparison tool (all watches, not just the current crop) and it looks very much as if the SE is a cut down 5, and the difference between the 5 and 6 is only Always ON (which is always on, in the 6, by the looks of it) and the SpO2 reading… I can get a trade for my watch of a whole $230. Not enough to make me seriously consider it. I’ll see what they do with next year’s, and if/when I decided I must have a new model, I’ll sell my 5 privately. I don’t use Aways on for the display, it would be annoying to me if it could never be turned off.

I think my iPad Air 3 will do me for a few years yet, I’ve not had it that long, and it does what I need it to.

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