AppleStore Recycling

Has anyone here just taken old machines into an Apple Store for them to recycle? I’ve got a few machines I need to get rid of (failed GPUs etc). I usually go to my council, but wondering if better to take direct to Apple. This page says they do at the top, but then it isn’t 100% clear below.

Yes. In my case it is usually parts, not entire computers. I last took in the ATI stock card that came in my 3,1 after it burnt out.

I have a pile of parts I need to take to them now that I work a block from an Apple store. The old 3,1 power supply, random MacBook 4,1 parts, dead batteries…

Out of interest, what do you have to get rid of?

Oooh, they take dead batteries? I have the previous battery from my macbook sitting about in the box the new one came in and I just havent got round to disposing of it properly. I think I can take it to the local dump, though, I can take my sharps there for free… not sure about batteries.

If it’s Apple branded, I think they will. I have no idea what happens if you try to take in non-Apple stuff.

Actually when I thought of it, its actually easier for me to get to the dumpo than to go to Apple. Don’t think I’ll bother.

Do you have a battery world near by? I take all my old laptop batteries to my local one :slight_smile:

Couple of 2010 era MacBook Pros and a 2008 Mac Pro with no RAM/drives.

Don’t think so. I’ll have a look, good suggestion.

Any chance you’d part with them otherwise? I’m always chasing MacBook Pro’s for parts :slight_smile: