AppleTalker Fashion Thread


Continuing the discussion from What do you collect?:

As suggested, I’m starting a new topic on AppleTalker Fashion.

Are you a Mark Zuckerberg, grey T-shirt/ Steve Jobs black turtleneck kind of guy, or are you like The_Hawk - suave and trendy, with an awesome collection of cuff links and tie pins?

Share your style.


$8 polo shirts from Target and cargo shorts from the Rivers outlet at DFO purchased 10 years ago.


I got these sunglasses I’m pretty stoked with. I’m a complete timber convert after wearing these.


Im sort of ashamed to admit it and my daughter ribs me mercilessly about it, but I buy a lot of my clothes from Kathmandu. I even paid full price for something once.


I wear whatever clothes my mum buys for me.