AppleTV 4K & Netflix


Does anyone else have a 4K TV with an AppleTV 4K that they are successfully watching 4K content from Netflix on? I took delivery of a new 4K TV yesterday but the titles that are meant to be in 4K from Netflix are only showing in HD. Is there some setting somewhere I need to change, or something else I need to do to get 4K content?



EDIT: Before you read below…are you on a 4K Netflix plan? If not, that’s the obvious problem here.

With a lot of TVs you have to enable 4K on the HDMI port via the TV settings, and with a lot of TVs only a couple of the HDMI ports can have it enabled. Have you checked to make sure you’re using a HDMI port that’s been 4k enabled on your TV set? That’s the first thing I would check.

Also go to Settings > Video & Audio and check what’s going on there. Maybe you have that set to SDR? If you have, you might have to enable range & frame rate matching to trigger 4K on Netflix.


Thank you so much. It was the account. I totally forgot about that! All sorted :slightly_smiling_face:


You also need an HDMI cable that’s HDCP 2.0 minimum certified. An older HDMI cable will not pass 4K.


Yep all sorted with all of that. Been watching Netflix in gorgeous 4K tonight :slight_smile: