AppleTV Bandwidth Usage


Telstra are telling me I’ve been using 30gigs a day for the past month. This is massively higher than we usually use. I’ve been isolating my internet connected devices for a few days so far, and the initial results are looking like it may be one (or both) of the Apple TVs causing massive usage.

Has anyone else seen issues like this with ATV4? I’m using 2 of the new Apple TV 4s, both are set to stay up to date, etc and I know they download screensaver, etc., but this usage is like 300gigs in 20 days. No way it’s legit, whatever it is. My real world usage of them (and also my other devices, as it happens!) really hasn’t changed in the last 6 months.


I would think it’s more likely that someone’s leeching your wifi - and I would change the password immediately.


Have you got iCloud photos enabled? I once had an issue with a corrupt video file that my Apple TV 2 repeatedly downloaded, using massive amounts of data.

Do you think your connection is capable of 30 Gig a day?


I’ve got 2 Apple TV 4’s, and they set to autoupdate as well.

I have quite a few apps on them as well, but no way in the world are they using 30GB a day. With 4 macs, 4 iPads, 2 iPhones, 2 ATV’s, Netflix etc, and my daily usage is about 6-7GB a day (and that’s including my daughter always being online watching YouTube, playing Minecraft etc).

I guess the only way to check is take your ATV’s offline for a day or two and see if your usage drops, but I don’t think it would be the ATV’s. causing you your problem.


That was my initial guess too, but it doesn’t seem to be the case (having changed password & isolated).


I do on one of them. Maybe that’s it. Thanks for the heads up. Will investigate further.

Yep - it’s 100meg. Telstra Velocity Fibre


Our main TV has an ATV3 which is used most days for netflix and it only used 90GB in Feb, 140GB in Jan and 195GB in December… so far more in the school holidays. The reality is that even if you leave it running Netflix still stops after a couple of episodes and asks if you’re still watching which means unless you’re actively using it it’s never going through that much data.

30GB / day = 900GB in 30 days… that’s crazy talk., something else has to be using your data.

This is why I love my Gargoyle Router :smiley: Definitely something that is worth putting a few bucks into if you can.

For reference, the other two ATV’s we have are ATV4’s but they aren’t used a whole heap so Feb was 8GB and 12GB and even less the month before. So it’s not normal that’s for sure.