AppleTV - OS/feature Variances?



My 1TB 1st Gen AppleTV hack for my brother with Down Syndrome has failed within 2 weeks… now only showing a “?” over top of an AppleTV image… which I gather means the hard drive is not readable. It may be salvageable - may not - but I think I’m ready to give up and move to a newer option.


So - can someone advise… What’s the difference/s between an AppleTV 2 / 3 / 4? I know none have an internal HDD - I’ll just have to set up an external drive with dad’s iMac to store the media files - Although that’s then another issue - some are not AppleTV compliant as I was using ATV Flash - will have to look at that, or potentially re-encoding about 500+GB of files…

I did read that I can hide/delete unwanted apps - this will be a must to limit what my brother to just where he wants to be. Though not sure which OS this applies to.

Checking eBay I see I can pick up a 2nd Gen for about $50. Is it worth tripling that to the 4th Gen for $150?

Cover art is a must…




If you can get a server PC running in the background Plex and an ATV4 could be the go. You can delete apps you don’t want and can simplify Plex a little too. Cover art and all that is in there.