ATV - Amazon Prime


So it’s here on ATV now, just wondering on your thoughts ( before I go further).
At the registration point, it’s asking for device (Atv) code which it provides on screen, then need to register through Amazon account…

Do you think is worth while making a US account to get access to their (US) library or will it work in a similar way to Netflix via my VPN??

I guess it’s a new product and no one may know, but I value your thoughts here, so just asking??


I have an account but I’ve resisted changing it to the Australian store because the Australian store didn’t have anything except books in it until now.

I’m wondering if a US account will work at all for registering an Australian IP address Apple TV to be honest. Maybe if you set up a VPN but my VPN is on my computer and I’m using a Telstra ADSL modem so it’s locked down.

You’re right in saying it’s a new product and I certainly don’t know but I’m interested in what people find out as well.


Hi Geoff, I’ve just changed my vpn to US and tried a free (not logged in) amazon movie- not available in your location, then tried changing Atv to US, with the same message.

I can get other content on ATV doing this, without any trouble.
I may try and set up a US account to try it, but probably wait for some more Internet feedback first.


I was able to use my US amazon account login to set up my Apple TV Prime app but during the process it said words along the line of “enjoy this selection that you can watch while you are overseas” so I’m assuming I’ve only got access to the Australian Amazon content.

This is not running using my VPN (which as I mentioned is only available on my computer).


I think I remember reading somewhere that Amazon video is doing the same thing as Netflix. Might be worth looking into getting a smartDNS which for some things is better than a VPN. I have Getflix, which successfully fools BBC Iplayer but not Netflix. I’ll test it on Amazon too and see what happens.


Amazon’s ‘selection’ for Australian users is pretty ordinary…


Is the Grand Tour on there for Australia?


Yes, with Season 2 ‘coming soon’


OK, I can confirm that right now, getting Amazon Prime (US) is doable with Getflix. I havent signed up though, and I have switched to the Aus store for books… Not sure how Getflix might make changes to the subscription, or if once subscribed I would get pushed back to the AU store. Here it is, working.

On previous attempts without having the Getflix DNS set, all I could get was that this was unavailable in my location.

[edit] And signing up requires that I either change my country for Amazon, or content myself with Australian content, in which case GEtflix is not required.


That’s odd because American Gods is available to Australian customers.


Hmmm. With Getflix on or off, or just turning Prime off inside the GF app, I get n/a for here. I wonder if its because I logged in with my US ID which is actually identical to my Aus one. Might try logging out and trying again.

[edit] yep, that was it. It was confused about where I was.


Oh damn. I remember signing up once via the US site and apparently that was my 14 day trial. I am paying for it now. Not too bad, the $2.99 translates to $3.94. I’ll watch American Gods, The Man in the High Castle and a movie or two and then will likely cancel.


So we finally have all the streaming services and all free to air services on ATV, following this week’s release of Amazon Prime and the update of Foxtel’s IOS app to include AirPlay support.

It makesATV a more compelling solution in Australia.

What are the chances that they all build in support for Apple’s TV app?


Amazon Prime is TV app supported.