ATV - what’s next?


I’d be interested to hear your thoughts. Seems relevant to this discussion.



Alright. I’ll paint a picture.

Imagine Apple makes a new Apple TV using the graphics capability smiliar to the 2018 iPad Pro. Now, at the launch event they’ll surely want to show off some launch games right?

Enter Fortnite. Fortnite has been on iOS for a while now, and runs on phones as old as the iPhone 6S, and runs at 60 FPS on the iPhone XS as well as other similarly new phones. What has sparked my curiosity of possibilities though is that Fortnite recently added Bluetooth controller support.

With that in mind, picture this.

Apple and Fortnite collaborate, at the Apple TV launch event (along with other apple devices of course) they bring on stage someone from Epic Games to demonstrate Fortnite running on their Apple TV at 60 FPS, this could also be an opportunity for a company like Steelseries to release an updated Bluetooth MFi controller and have that used on stage during the Fortnite Demo (maybe with a Fortnite limited edition variant at launch)

Now for those that know, Fortnite has ‘cosmetic items’ you can get in the game but some are exclusive. Best example is Fortnite had a collaboration with Samsung in which if you buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you get an exclusive Fortnite cosmetic pack to use in Fortnite.

Apple could do the same with the new Apple TV, at the event they announce the TV, talk about how far gaming has come on their devices, then announce the Fortnite launch on Apple TV, then demo it on stage with new Steelseries controller and finish it off with the ‘exclusive cosmetics pack’.

Now I know not everyone is into Fortnite, but it’s definitely got the potential to put a spotlight on gaming on the Apple TV and would definitely have an impact

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Interesting comments. My motivation to upgrade is:

  • I now have a 4K TV, so feel like I’m missing out

  • current ATV often disconnects when streaming from my iPad. Annoying, and don’t know the cause - aside from the 3 Gen ATV no longer being supported making it unrealiable?

  • I lost the remote (so use the ‘remote’ App, which is a bit of a pain). Not a good reason, I know.

I use it a lot so wouldn’t hesitate to upgrade, but just reluctant to do so if a 5th Gen could be out this year.

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One possible way to justify buying now, is if there’s any reason why it might be an idea to have a second apple TV. So you’d use the 4K Apple TV for now, and when a brand new one comes out you could use the 4K Apple TV as a separate rooms Apple TV. Or you could just sell it when it comes out.

At this point who knows when they’ll come out with a new one, especially since there’s not been a single apple TV leak or proper rumour really



When you stream from an iPad/iPhone, it adds a lot of traffic to your WiFi. The stream travels:
From internet to WiFi Router to iPad, then
From iPad back to WiFi Router, then
From WiFi Router to Apple TV
So, the router carries 3X stream

If your:
WiFi Router is limited, or your
iPad does not have a good WiFi connection, or your
Apple TV does not have a good WiFi connection
Then you may get dropouts

This applies with all generations of Apple TV, so buying a new one may not solve the iPad streaming problem.

So improving the WiFi connection to the iPad by say repositioning the router can help a lot.

Another possible part remedy is to hard wire your Apple TV to your router with an Ethernet cable (if possible)
Then your router carries 2X stream

When you stream directly via the Apple TV there is less traffic involved as the stream travels directly from the internet to your WiFi router to the Apple TV
Then your router carries 1X stream

An alternative from the dark side is to use a Chromecast (~$50 - $60). When you use your iPad to “stream” to a Chromecast, it does not actually stream via the iPad. The iPad sends a request to the Chromecast to directly stream from the internet to the WiFi router and down to the Chromecast. So, your router only carries 1X stream. In addition, once the stream is initiated, the iPad is no longer involved.

I hope this gives you some ideas.

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I hadn’t considered local congestion, but that’s a good point., we have ours hardwired (as I do anything that I can) to avoid this issue.

I’ve discovered when it comes to Apple products that often the best approach is to just but the best product available when you need it and arguably that new 4K TV needs one now :wink:



It’s not a 4K but you would probably not lose much by reselling it on eBay in 9 months time if a new model comes out…



Thanks Snarl.

I have a high end Synology router, which while is in a cupboard as that’s where the NBN box is (rental property), it’s only a few meters from the living room with no wall.

Hence it blasts out a strong signal with maximum bars to the iPad, TV, and ATV.

The iPad measures the internet running at ~48Mbps and I’m able to stream 4K on the TV (eg Netflix).

But when streaming from the iPad such as from eg from a video App, it often loses the ATV and I have to reconnect.

I had assumed it was the ‘old’ ATV and a new model might be more stable, but yes it could be interference.



SIf you have a 4K TV it’s an absolute no brainer. Get it and enjoy it now. Even if Apple did have a new one in the works, it won’t be released until September. Might as well enjoy it over winter.
Price is an issue, eBay regularly has 10 or 20% sales and you can sometimes find Buymac participating.

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Hmmm, had been waiting on this Apple TV+ announcement in the hope of a Gen 6 ATV, but to no avail.

There may be a new one ‘in the spring’, but the fact there was no suggestion of that, I now think there they may switch to the service being built into TV, rather via a new ATV device.

Hence, there may not be any longer any new ATV’s.



I think this screenshot says it all when comparing to the 3rd party TV’s which appear to have all of the new functionalities.

My hope is that the reason for not giving any new features to the current Apple TV’s is because they’ll be saved for the new Apple TV models hopefully revealed in June/September



why would there need to be?

I haven’t caught up with all of the overnight news, but what leads you to suspect that new models are coming? What can’t the current models do?



Satisfy Dan’s thirst for a new Apple TV



Damn straight.

But also I still see the potential for more gaming on the Apple TV (see earlier wordy comment on one possible idea in that area)



I don’t see any third party TVs coming with an Ax SOC or an OS as “efficient” as tvOS. While there is a standard for plugin computing modules, I don’t see Apple providing an AppleTV in this format either.



What on earth?

This makes the idea of a new Apple TV even less likely :expressionless:



This would be great if it was an update that brought security + Airplay 2.



I think if you’re after a new Apple TV every few years for gaming, you’re probably better off with an actual console.

And the current Apple TVs already support AirPlay 2? Both the Apple TV 4K (previously known as the 5th generation Apple TV) and the Apple TV HD (aka 4th generation).



Gaming isn’t the only reason, but it’s definitely an area in which it’s lacking even though they would certainly like it to be something you game on considering they display the Apple TV and Steelseries Nimbus controller side by side in their stores. It has the potential for some good gaming, especially since they removed the restrictions on controllers.

Plus, with their Arcade subscription service incoming, a hardware upgrade would be welcome. I for one would rather buy an Apple TV than an expensive 3rd party TV