Audio issue Macbook Pro


After a recent crash (keyboard failure) I found a workaround by USB connecting an external keyboard and most things seem OK.
However, when attempting to Skype a landline phone, I got the message 'fault with your speakers) and sure enough, when checking System Preferences, it seems no Input and no Output found. Hence the Audio issue - there is none.
There used to be (both input and output), so the question is…
can I restore them somehow?
Macbook Pro early 2011 running Yosemite 10.10.5


What exactly happened to cause the keyboard failure…?

Could they be related?


No real idea how or why the keyboard succumbed, although a couple of keys had ceased working over time and finally the thing jammed on upper case and we couldn’t access the machine other than as a Guest and no way to our files. The external keyboard was the answer to get us in again and I backed up virtually all the files via Public Folder transfer to my Mac Mini and an external 1TB HDD.
I guess they could certainly be related, as I can determine from a bit of research that when the keyboard fritzes, best thing is to replace entirely. They are not expensive ($20-$40 on eBay) but beyond my skills to do the job as I have examined YouTube methodology. No guarantee that audio would be restored either. Hence the post, in case someone was aware of the problem and had a fix. If necessary, I can buy a replacement keyboard and ask a tech to install (no warranty of course) and that’s acceptable, I guess.
Thanks for the interest cosmichobo. Cheers


That’s ok - no idea of any “actual” help but that was the first question that popped into my head… figured there could be a correlation…


The keyboard failure is quite serious. It involves replacing an expensive board, and you have to deconstruct the whole computer to do it. From memory the US price was about $400.00 for a new one. I have the same problem with my 17" MacBook Pro - a couple of keys no longer work. I hope to buy a new one soon but if that is not possible and more keys fail I may have to use an external keyboard as a stop gap. At this point the left shift key and the control key no longer work.


Hi mick132,
You are quite correct a genuine Apple keyboard is around US$400 and also as I said, the install is complicated, but not impossible. Definitely a tech job. Be aware of course, that these keyboards are mass produced for Apple in China, same source as the after-market keyboards. The longevity of the keyboards are no different, in my opinion. Particularly as the Apple installed boards have constantly been given to failing. Way past warranty of course, so what the hey? It’s a matter of personal choice. There were some excellent fixes that anyone could do to replace the faulty keys and even some removed and cleaned with alcohol and replaced. These are shown in easy steps on YouTube. Sadly I was too late in replacing keys and of course there was no guarantee that they were the actual cause of the failure. I will however have a go when I have the time and now that I have the necessary tools. Not urgent.
If you do decide to look for steps and perhaps keyboards (new) on eBay be specific in your search i.e. 17" MacBook Pro Keyboard and year of model plus model name if possible (should be on the back of the case).
My next search will be for a tech prepared to install at my risk and at a realistic price somewhere on the Sunshine Coast, Qld. If anyone knows of one, please let me know.


Do any audio devices appear in System Information?

Have you tried a PRAM/SMC reset?


Hi bennyling,
Yes Devices:

Built-in Input:

Default Input Device: Yes
Input Channels: 2
Manufacturer: Apple Inc.
Current SampleRate: 44100
Transport: Built-in

Built-in Output:

Default Output Device: Yes
Default System Output Device: Yes
Manufacturer: Apple Inc.
Output Channels: 2
Current SampleRate: 44100
Transport: B

And, no I have not tried a PRAM?SMC reset. Can you detail or direct me to an example?