Aussie Gov - New Tech Spy Laws


Two sides, the same coin?


It is so the government can spy on you Cosmic. It has nothing to do with terrorists, who would simply add a layer of protection. Also stupid as a pretend justification as otherwise they would be addressing the problem caused by their own policies. Bandaid to a shark bite.

The politicians are too busy feathering their own nest to care about what you think, maybe only to the extent you could one day be a threat to them.

The only hiccup in this Bill’s passage was a little bit of theatre from the ALP pretending they weren’t also going to support it. For the low info voter.


I always thought the universe revolved around me! :slight_smile:


Can’t do. It revolves around me!


Kryten: They always say the hardest part about leaving Cyberspace is realizing that the whole universe does not revolve around you.

Cat: Sure doesn’t. It revolves around me!

Kochanski: Absolutely…

Cat: No. I’m serious! Look at the evidence!

Lister: What evidence?

Cat: Take food: until I bite into it, it has no taste. Even when I know what I’m gonna say, it never bores me!

Lister: You, and you alone.

Cat: And here’s the kicker, all the interesting things that ever happen to me happened when I was in the room! Coincidence? Get outta here…


The optimist in me is waiting for the statement from Tim Cook that Apple will cease selling iPhones in Australia. Taking away peoples shiny should be enough to start a revolution.


My prediction (my track record for Apple predictions is horrendously bad, so here’s hoping):

We get thrown under the bus to benefit the rest of the world’s customer base -
Australia will be moved onto a local “compliant” instance of iCloud (i.e. like China was recently) and have iMessage disabled.