Australian iPhone XS/XS Max/XR Pricing


Australian pricing for the new iPhone models announced this morning. Outright purchase price direct from Apple.

iPhone XS

  • 64gb: $1629
  • 256gb: $1879
  • 512gb: $2199

iPhone XS Max

  • 64gb: $1799
  • 256gb: $2049
  • 512gb: $2369

iPhone XR

  • 64gb: $1229
  • 128gb: $1299
  • 256gb: $1479

Apple's confusing new iPhone lineup


After taking off GST then conversion you can see what headroom Apple Australia has provided itself in xpectation of a falling dollar. We are getting less and less competitive economically with the US.
Ex gst calculation =price*10/11
Current exchange rate 71.779 USC

iPhone XS

  • 64gb: AUD$1629 equivalent to USD$1063 ( plus USD$64 on US pre tax price)

iPhone XS Max

  • 64gb: AUD$1799. equivalent to USD$1174 ( plus USD$75 on US pre tax price)

  • 512gb: $2369 equivalent to USD$1545 ( plus USD$94 on US pre tax price)

iPhone XR

  • 64gb: AUD$1229 equivalent to USd$802 ( plus USD$53 on US pre tax price)


Just finished watching the keynote, I really like the dual cameras on the Xs and Xs Max but they’re not cheap phones, I’m finding it hard to justify the extra cost over the Xr version given that the single camera has the new chips and does the new Bokeh processing and portrait mode.

I could buy an aluminium Watch 4 and a 128Gb iPhone Xr for about the same price as just an Xs 256Gb (64Gb is NOT enough).

$1299 isn’t cheap but it’s less than Apple were charging for the 8+ (I can’t seem to access current 8+ pricing on the au store, all the other iPhone links are working but not that one, not for me anyway).

Although the Xr isn’t available for preorder until 19 October so that gives me some time to consider my choice but I really think it’ll be an Xr 128Gb, it might not be the latest and greatest but it’s still a good upgrade from my 7.


I’m still on a 6S… I wanted one of the X varieties, and will just have to savesave for one. The Xr may be less expensive, but its bigger, and if I fumbled a plus model, i’ll fumble that, too. Sighhh. Think I’ll wait til I can have an Xs



Xr gets ruled out for the bigger size.

Either save for an XS or buy a 2nd hand X.

Currently on a 7.

Geez Apple, too expensive!

Anyone selling their X ha?


The Max is tempting. I can sell my X and upgrade. What time do preorders start tomorrow?




I really want to get out of my Telstra contract and start buying my phones outright, to save money every month, but at $1629 for the model I would be looking at (64gb Xs) I may just have to keep going the way I am :frowning:


$2099 for the base XS Max here in NZ.

Better start rounding some things up to sell!


I sure hope the low-light/night photo quality is better on these new models. The quality of low-light/night shots on my S9+ was exceptionally good. It put the iPhone X to shame. Daytime was comparable, but wow, Samsung really nailed Apple on the night shots. XS better be an improvement for the price!


I don’t know that it will - it seems to be a very similar (if not the same) camera system as the X, but with extra processing behind the scenes.


My wife is still using a 6s and doesn’t want a larger phone, coupled with the new pricing it’s making the iPhone 8 look like a pretty good option. I think she will have to touch one to see if she likes any of the sizes and read more about the cameras (which is her really desire in a new phone) over the coming weeks.

It’s sort of crazy the cost of these phones when MacBook Pros start at $1,899.


For those looking for a real indication of body size (because it’s difficult to do a 1 to 1 comparison with earlier models due to the reduced bezels) this web site has side by side picture comparisons of the various models with the 8 series and various competing models.

Phone size comparisons


Something similar available at Apple:


This is the key point for me…

I guess I will continue using my iPhone 6 for the time being.


Its nuts, the pricing for these is getting beyond reality now. If you think about what people spent on phones prior the iPhone was already a huge jump, but this is near double that.


I was just looking at things at it seems that the iPhone X (and the SE) have been dropped from the Apple online store. From memory the X 256GB was about $1800 or so meaning the new XS MAX at $2,049 is about 14% more expensive or about $250. Over a 24 month contract I suppose that’s only adding about $11 / month which probably doesn’t change the equation too much for those who were happy enough to get the X… Will be interesting to see what the carriers offer. but I’m guessing that’s going to be $150+ / month for that model.

Again, I suppose we will see soon enough.


Think I’ll be staying with my iPhone 7+ for another year. Just can’t justify $1800 + AppleCare for the base model Max.

That stainless gold series 4 watch however? Definitely preordering that!


Nothing offered to upgrade from my SE. Not everybody wants a phablet instead of a phone :frowning:


Geeze just saw the new watch pricing, think it will be buy a new one in the US next time. The cheapest was $399, with the larger size $449, then this past year the 38 climbed to $449 but now for $599 thats crazy. My wife wanted one for her birthday and the Cellular was pretty good, but $749? not that good anymore.