Australian iPhone XS/XS Max/XR Pricing


Apple Store is still down for another update, I’m considering in getting the XS Max 64GB I can do with I’m lucking to use that much storage on my phone.


I have an 8. I guess I will have to upgrade one day, and sure I’d like an XS but would you believe the main reason I’m thinking of staying put is the lack of Touch ID! I don’t know if it will make a comeback one day giving users both Face ID and Touch ID or if it will be relegated to history.

I was looking at my 8 the other day and for a second I felt like I was looking at a 3GS! A full screen phone, well, it would be if not for the notch, is a major upgrade from 10 years of iPhones that have all looked the same.

I imagine the time might come too when the lightning port is ditched, not for USB-C but for no port at all, and all charging will be done wirelessly. I might just wait to see what the 2019 iPhone is like.


Looking at the XR, the 128GB model is $50 more than the 64GB model. Why oh why couldn’t they have done the same thing with the XS models? In fact, just give them 128GB to begin with.


Psychological pricing.

It’s only an extra $blah for xyz…

Well, I’ve already spent $abc, I may as well pay another $small-percentage-of-overall-cost…


Because if they made the baseline 128, everyone would buy that.

I went for the 64 because everything on my phone is in the cloud. I am only using 31gb of my 256gb 8 Plus!


Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Yet, I still think 128gb should be base.

Once I removed the iTunes TV shows I had on my phone for a trip last year (didn’t end up watching any), noticed I was only using 27GB of 256gb, so I’m ok with 64gb.


So, I weakened, and I’m back.

There iphone X 256GB Silver was 1439 on Amazon, and a Single Melb CBD Officeworks pricematched it, reducing the price to 1367.05. Which is probably the price it should have been to begin with, instead of 1829.


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I moved from the 8 to XS. I have to say I don’t miss Touch ID at all and love Face ID. So much more do convenient.

But yes Apple pricing is now a ‘bridge too far’ and is starting to effect sales - as is being reported out of China.

Not sure what Apple will do about that, as they seem very reticent to reduce prices.


I now have the Xr (256Gb because shop had no 128Gb). The battery lasts way way longer than my 7 and a fair bit longer than SWMBO’s 8+.

The screen is a non issue, it’s just as good as the 8+, the bezels are thick but I’m getting used to them, but the phone feels a bit thicker in my hand.

RE pricing I think we’ll see more deals on the Xr to boost sales, probably not outright price drops but more deals made with carriers and more trade in deals.


I’ve said it before and will say it again. Apple would be foolish to assume that their long-term viability is assured. The world does not need Apple products. The world will survive without Apple products. They should not forever look to unscrupulously take advantage of their customers.


Tempted to get the XS 256GB, but at $1.8k, i might need to think twice or maybe ten!! Using iPhone 8 now, but the better screen with the X/XS is really tempting.


closer to $1.9k actually ($1879).

US $1150 sounds a lot better. Boy do we cop it here in Australia.


I was looking at the Xs/max/r this morning and I had no idea what to use instead of a Home button (or is there one hidden on screen someplace?) Felt like a dill. Still do.


It’s just a little bar at the bottom of the screen and you swipe up to go back to the home screen, and you swipe up and to the right to bring up the window switcher


Thanks. Think I prefer a hardware button.


I can say this much, I do not miss the home button at all


I miss it when I’m ‘buying’ apps, having to double click the right button instead if single clicking the home button is mildly annoying and really NOT intuitive.


I much preferred triple-click home to triple-click power, although you can add an Accessibility shortcut to Control Center. I’ve often used triple click to invert colors in a dark environment.


I don’t understand the point of making the screen bigger then wasting all those pixels across bottom on the switcher (plus I find it RSI inducing one handed).

Cant they just let me force press on the side the way I do on my iPhone 7+ now? :cry: