Australian iPhone XS/XS Max/XR Pricing


holly hell, saw the prices and thought wtf, $2369 for a top spec’d iPhone XS Max. then I wondered, with the size and advances, is it possible that your average light user, who just browsers the web to buy shit, uses the range of vanity websites, emails, and whatever else, could effectively ditch a computer and just use the phone these days? in that world the price isn’t unreasonable.


Natakim I think you’re correct, many people either don’t have a computer or have a cheap laptop.

I’m definitely in the minority amongst people I know in having a desktop, a laptop, a iPad and a couple of phones (1 main and 1 for travel). Updating each type of device is becoming very expensive and I have to admit I’m looking at ways to shrink my device count.

That’s one reason why I’m reluctant to shell out $2049 for a 256Gb iPhone XS max (or even $1879 for a 256Gb XS).

One way to shrink my device count would be a dual SIM iPhone (which would mean I could get rid of the dual SIM Samsung I only use when travelling) then I could roam on my Australian SIM and put in a local SIM when I’m overseas (which is about 4 months per year) but the true dual SIM iPhone is China only and it seems that the eSim isn’t going to be supported by Optus (or Telstra or Vodafone) in the iPhone (only in the Apple watch in combination with a conventional SIM in the phone).

The iPad Pro still isn’t there as a power user laptop replacement IMHO, there are still apps I use on a regular basis that don’t have good alternatives in OS X.

The perfect phone for me would be the Chinese dual SIM version of the iPhone Xr 128Gb (which means grey market if it’s even possible sigh).


JB had Cheap Iphone X yesterday, $1329 for 64 and 1579 for 256. My Dad wanted a new phone so I told him to get the 64. He ummed and ahhed but I had a feeling prices would rise and I was right. To add to this he’s going OS shortly so will get GST back as well.

I’m kind of curious who’s going to want a 512GB phone anyway… the only possible reason I can come up with is people who shoot heaps of video, or have ultra massive music libraries. Otherwise I think it’s just silly to have that much storage on a phone.


I find the 128Gb storage on my iPad limiting when I travel. Being away for weeks at a time, in a location where there’s no free wifi, roaming costs $10 a day and local SIMS offer maybe 1Gb per day of (often slow and/or unreliable data) means storing enough TV and movies for more than a month on my iPad.

To do that on the 128Gb iPad means downloading and storing in SD when I’d much rather watch in HD (but I don’t have enough storage for that).

Maybe I should buy a 512Gb iPhone, sell my iPad and existing phone and have 1 less device I have to keep updating? Then I could watch in HD albeit on a smaller screen.

I really need to cut down my device number if phones are going to keep going up in price…


I will only be getting a 64gb phone. I currently have a 256gb 8 Plus and am only using 31gb of that! I use iCloud extensively so there is almost nothing stored on my phone.


I’m using about 110gb on my 256gb X. Mainly music, audible books and some video. When I go away it’s usually where there is no mobile reception, even though i also use iCloud, “need” to store “entertainment” on the phone too.


64gb iPhone X here, and I’m using about 34gb of that.

To be honest I can’t really think of a justified use-case that requires 512gb of storage. I can see temporary benefits (like I saw mentioned, overseas on holiday and holding photos temporarily, etc) but I’m unable to think of anything long-term.



Storing an entire photo history on a device at all times? 4K video? Not sure how much storage space iPhone shot 4K footage takes, but I assume a lot.


Could do, however how many photos/videos does the average person need to keep? At what point does it become digital hoarding?


andyb, showing age here? my definition of “entertainment” was some latest release mainstream movies. :astonished:

My holidays usually involve scuba diving and taking underwater 4K video. With 4K its easy to end up with 100GB in a week. Usually try and load some of the best clips from the camera onto the phone.


I’m getting a 256gb XS and a 512gb XS Max and an SS Apple Watch 4.

I’ll be selling both my 256gb silver iPhone X’s and my SS Apple watch 3.

Someone here has dibs on one of my iPhone X - happy to sell my second iPhone X to another member. Also my watch 3. Let me know.


I’d ideally like to have my entire photo library (1998-2018), then over 100 years of photos from both sides of my family all together. Thats a lot of photos, and for a person who appreciates photos and family history, it isn’t hoarding.


Price increase also means buying 2nd hand is even less of an affordable option…


I live part time in Australia and part time in the Philippines (and not where there is good internet or good phone coverage). I tend to load up as many movies and TV shows as possible before I head there, it might not be ‘long term’ (it’s generally only for 4 to 6 weeks at a time) but it’s 4 times per year so it might as well be long term.


I’m dreaming/wishing for the announcement of ARM based Macs which then allow your iPhone to run OSX and work as your computer when dropped into the special iDock which connects to a screen, keyboard and mouse…



Apple wont let the Mac OS run on an i-device. Cannot see it happening.

Possibly in the long run - a single OS for both platforms, that operates in different ways depending what device it’s on…


Yes, Apple gear holds its value absurdly well, so with a price increase for the new gear, the old gear could potentially even hold 100% of its purchase price, given the higher prices to get the better new-n-shiny.

As for me - I’m still guessing what I’m going to do. Wife’s and my iPhone 5S are getting painful (ie battery and age). Was thinking 6S, but that just seems ancient now, even if it’s basically at the “right” price point. Maybe there will be a flood of 7’s hit the market and actually bring it down in price, but as per above - doubtful.


My retired parents are both mad keen iphone photographers. Now that Dad has an iphone X it’s going to be even worse. They’ve mentioned several times about “what will happen to all our photos when we die”. And it does make you think. What’s the point of taking thousands and thousands of photos, if nobody is ever going to look at them? Yes, take a few, but thousands? With digital photography so prevalent, I’ve no doubt some people literally take millions of photos and keep them all in the cloud or on some hard drive somewhere. But… why?


I was offered $370 for my 256Gb iPhone 7 (matt black) by mobile monster (a new iPhone 7 128Gb is $919 (the 256Gb 7 is no longer sold) for a phone with ‘light scratches and slight wear but with original screen and fully functional’ (it’s been used without a cover or screen protector) but because I’ve decided on the Xr I’ll be waiting until October to get rid of mine.

That suggests you should see second hand 7s around the $400 to $500 area soon.


I treasure my family photos and there are a LOT of them. At 22 I am the family historian and keeper of photos.

Different things for different people. Photos mean a lot to me.