Back to the iPhone: Features Versus Implementation And The Truest Words You'll Ever Read About Android

Number sixty three on my list of things I love about Apple is their announcements. It’s always “here’s a thing, here’s what it does, here’s how much it costs, and here’s when you can get it”. And then boom, just like that, a week later, we have the new shiny in our hands. Apple Watch notwithstanding1, it’s how the vast…

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I’ve got a few die hard Android fans amongst my friends and you know the funny thing. I think that the Android fanboi’s are FAR FAR more vocal on dumping on the iPhone and it’s failings (?) or praising feature X that the Android has that the iPhone doesn’t. It’s like they feel the need to defend the platform at any cost.
Half the time you can’t have a civil conversation about a new feature without it simply turning into pffffft my Android has been able to do that for years!! (which usually is repeated until the conversation ends :frowning: )

To your point I’ve already experienced it with NFC. The fact that it [looks to be] implemented better means it’s actually likely to be taken up by the industry. I’ve already read this story since the release:

It’s Apple that pushes the industry to adopt things that are good for the users… and sure the Android might be able to then jump on that bandwagon and claim they had it first… but it’s Apple that made it happen.

Another example for me is cellular data. Yes I’ve had phones that did data long before the iPhone… but it was the iPhone that forced the market to make it affordable and accessible to the masses. Before that it was out of the reach (or credit limit!) of the average joe.

I freely admit that most apps have an Android equivalent and you can do just as much on the Android, these days spec and performance wise there isn’t much between them (when comparing appropriate model like the Galaxy 5S). But it’s the user experience that is lacking… the integration…

I too am looking forward to my iPhone 6 … Plus :smiley:

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