Battery Replacement Program for iPhone 6 onwards


I was in the apple store the other day picking up a repaired watch when i asked a store employee to make an appointment to get my wife iPhone 6plus battery replaced under the newly announced program. I confirmed it has started earlier than they initially advertised and he booked her in.

Three hour round trip today to the store was made by my wife only to be told the phone is eligible but they don’t have batteries available until March! March! I have no idea why the apple store employee didn’t point that out beforehand when making the appointment.

I wonder, do you think they have no batteries available or just none for the replacement program?

Also anyone know of any decent repairers on the Gold Coast that can replace the battery with one that does the proper reporting of the cycle? I hear some cheap batteries won’t report cycles and the software won’t speed back up as a result. Anyone had any experience with this?



I suspect they’re out of stock across the board.

Apple’s supply chain for components has seemingly been struggling as of late, with shortages of some Retina 13" displays, Top Case w/ Batteries for 2012/2013 15" Retinas, and now iPhone batteries. Not short delays either, the supplies of top cases have been constrained since early last year. These supply issues seem to be getting more common.

The iPhone battery replacement program wouldn’t have helped either, although the batteries certainly did run out quick. We’re perhaps a couple of weeks into a 12-month long program and already stocks have run out.


He would not have known at the time they were about to Run out of stock. Mind you, if you had a booking Apple should have sent you a message.
Mrs Entropy is waiting to update her 6 plus battery until towards the end of the year.


My wifes 6S is at 86% health, but she does complain it’s nothing like it used to be. Is it perception or reality?

We will likely book it in for later in the year.


Try a free app called battery life. I did and it showed what my battery life was compared to how it should be in may last year. Married up with apples diagnostics although I had to pay the 119 even though they had a record of my battery killing itself.


Thread update: Wife took my old 6plus to the store to get the battery replaced under the program. She emerged with a refurbed 6plus. Apparently they couldn’t replace the battery or something. Not a bad result I think. Its been running much faster and better battery life as well


That doesn’t suck at all! My old 6Plus’ screen packed it in about a week before I picked up the 8Plus. Turn out the touch screen failling was a known issue… although one you still had to pay the $200 odd “screen replacement out of warranty service fee” for. On the upside, I got a refurbed phone with new battery to hand down to my eldest.

I still haven’t booked in my Wifes 6S… really should get to that.