"Bed-time lock" for iPad?



So I have a 10 year old who is getting up in the middle of the night to use his iPad. Not an uncommon problem, apparently, gauging by his teacher’s response when we made him tell his teacher what he was doing (and why he spent a week without being able to take the iPad to school (!)).

We thought that, plus deleting his games for a while, would be enough stimulus to stop, but he’s been at it again.

We could move the i- charging station to our bedroom, so he can’t access them overnight, but instead am hoping there’s an app that can force the need for a PIN to be entered during set times - ie 8pm to 8am.

Anyone know of such an app? I can find plenty that will only allow X period of time before locking, but not something that controls the actual use of the device based on what the time is.




Are we talking games or youtube/internet? You can limit internet access using an AirPort Base Station for certain times of day… not sure about games etc.


Both… He’s basically either been playing games or watching Stampy on YouTube… I have considered doing something to the wifi, however he could still play games…


I’ve seen the comment that it’s against Apple’s terms for an app to impose the restrictions that I’m after… :frowning:


Try turning off the WiFi when you go to bed. Someone I know did that for years when their children were staying up all night on their iPads. They even had a secret switch in their bedroom that controlled the power outlet the router was plugged into.


I’m not sure if this will work but you can “lock” the iPad inside of an app, that he needs a code to get out of. Choose boring app and that might do the trick.


Any reason why you just can’t lock the iPad away? Sorry if I missed something.


Currently our charging station is in the living room… Last night I did keep his iPad on my side table, but often it needs to be charge for school the next day… So moving the chargers into our bedroom is a possibility… Just hoped an easy software option may be out there instead.


I’m pretty sure there are several apps that do this. I had a shortlist a while back for the same purpose but haven’t got around to setting them up.


Limitations of the iOS SDK prevent apps from doing what you’re suggesting. I’m pretty sure it’s just not possible.

Sensible alternatives include setting a PIN overnight, a restrictions PIN, or simply taking the iPad from your kid before he goes to bed.


I’m not sure why simply removing the iPad isn’t the most obvious solution in this case?


I have looked into many different charging solutions over the years for our ever-growing number electronic devices which all charge via USB, which sort of covers off on this issue too… sort of.

One of my favourite items has always been this:


It’s designed for a school/office environment, it’s stupidly expensive (at least when you’re only looking at the number of ports you get), but it’s very neat and I’ve always lusted after one to replace my 5 port PowerDock 5 it really is too expensive for what it provides. Even the other alternatives are in the same ball park, I’ve even contemplated building something myself.


Anyway, the point I was eventually getting to is that there is that there is a lock on the box :stuck_out_tongue:


He was 1 day away from getting his iPad, and access to the XBox back… and he did it again. :frowning:

Yes @The_Hawk - a bit expensive albeit a perfect solution - locked away but able to be charged… My wife has suggested the chargers should live on top of the DVD shelf, which will mean running some cords up there… but the main issue is - he’s already nearly as tall as I am… wont be long and that solution wont work.

Having to tell his teacher he couldn’t bring the iPad in to school for a week wasn’t enough… Nor 2 weeks without electronics…

I guess moving the charges into our bedroom may be the best option.


DIY Time!

A cheap locker:

A Couple of Chargers:

Powerboard (with a 3M lead!)

You shouldn’t need one, but a USB powered fan like this could be added to add a little extra ventilation to the cabinet.

You’ve now got a lockable, self contained charging station you can hide in a corner somewhere and put the key on a hook above it (so you don’t lose it).

Charging all your devices

Im still lost, I’ll have to find my saved list but there were a myriad of options to lock out internet and apps etc by schedule. This was one of them but I had a recent review article with a heap in it. https://ourpact.com/internet-blocking-parental-controls-app



Have you used any of these Woofy? Both of them appear to be MDM-based solutions, which may or may not be compatible with however schools are doing iPad programs these days.

Edit: ah yes, the ol’ subscription pricing.


On my sister-in-law’s recommendation we paid $9 for an app that she swore did what we wanted - only to find out it didn’t.

I also found a subscription option… (!) Seems kinda crazy you’d need a subscription for this feature.

Will look closer at the article above tonight, @Woofy.


No I haven’t but our devices are our own, my kids don’t have school devices. I have mdm on my iPhone due to company security. But the rest of our stuff doesn’t.


Does your router support family profiles/ parental controls? These let you set access times to the network for different devices.

For example, I have a pair of Amplifi HD ,with wired backhaul.

May only be useful if he is playing games etc that require internet access.