"Bed-time lock" for iPad?


I’m pretty sure there are several apps that do this. I had a shortlist a while back for the same purpose but haven’t got around to setting them up.


Limitations of the iOS SDK prevent apps from doing what you’re suggesting. I’m pretty sure it’s just not possible.

Sensible alternatives include setting a PIN overnight, a restrictions PIN, or simply taking the iPad from your kid before he goes to bed.


I’m not sure why simply removing the iPad isn’t the most obvious solution in this case?


I have looked into many different charging solutions over the years for our ever-growing number electronic devices which all charge via USB, which sort of covers off on this issue too… sort of.

One of my favourite items has always been this:


It’s designed for a school/office environment, it’s stupidly expensive (at least when you’re only looking at the number of ports you get), but it’s very neat and I’ve always lusted after one to replace my 5 port PowerDock 5 it really is too expensive for what it provides. Even the other alternatives are in the same ball park, I’ve even contemplated building something myself.


Anyway, the point I was eventually getting to is that there is that there is a lock on the box :stuck_out_tongue:


He was 1 day away from getting his iPad, and access to the XBox back… and he did it again. :frowning:

Yes @The_Hawk - a bit expensive albeit a perfect solution - locked away but able to be charged… My wife has suggested the chargers should live on top of the DVD shelf, which will mean running some cords up there… but the main issue is - he’s already nearly as tall as I am… wont be long and that solution wont work.

Having to tell his teacher he couldn’t bring the iPad in to school for a week wasn’t enough… Nor 2 weeks without electronics…

I guess moving the charges into our bedroom may be the best option.


DIY Time!

A cheap locker:

A Couple of Chargers:

Powerboard (with a 3M lead!)

You shouldn’t need one, but a USB powered fan like this could be added to add a little extra ventilation to the cabinet.

You’ve now got a lockable, self contained charging station you can hide in a corner somewhere and put the key on a hook above it (so you don’t lose it).

Charging all your devices

Im still lost, I’ll have to find my saved list but there were a myriad of options to lock out internet and apps etc by schedule. This was one of them but I had a recent review article with a heap in it. https://ourpact.com/internet-blocking-parental-controls-app



Have you used any of these Woofy? Both of them appear to be MDM-based solutions, which may or may not be compatible with however schools are doing iPad programs these days.

Edit: ah yes, the ol’ subscription pricing.


On my sister-in-law’s recommendation we paid $9 for an app that she swore did what we wanted - only to find out it didn’t.

I also found a subscription option… (!) Seems kinda crazy you’d need a subscription for this feature.

Will look closer at the article above tonight, @Woofy.


No I haven’t but our devices are our own, my kids don’t have school devices. I have mdm on my iPhone due to company security. But the rest of our stuff doesn’t.


Does your router support family profiles/ parental controls? These let you set access times to the network for different devices.

For example, I have a pair of Amplifi HD ,with wired backhaul.

May only be useful if he is playing games etc that require internet access.


2am-4am this morning… registering his new Pokemon cards… My wife went ballistic when she caught him…

She spoke with another yr5-6 teacher the other day - apparently it’s quite a common issue.

My iiNet modem does have the ability to block specific devices at specific times - have just blocked it 24/7 for now…

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.


All this, of course, simply supports my notion that various education department bright young things need to have their heads read. No child NEEDS an ipad for school, and there is nothing wrong with traditional teaching. Take the ipad away and stop the nonsense.


I am all for the use of tech in schools. From what I gather, tech jobs are our best shot as a nation (given we wont have any manufacturing happening here going forward; tourism may well die off if we can’t sort out the environment…), so I’m happy for my kids to learn to be as tech savvy as possible.

It’s just when the little sh!t gets up at 2am to use it that I’ve got the issues… :slight_smile:


So am I. But they dont need it in primary school and they don’t need it before they can read, write and add up. Did you see the news last night? Turnbull banging on about how our kids are way down in the three Rs? I know why that happened. 1) the bright young things decided that kids should not be separated into different classes according to ability (we dont want them to think they are less, which is as stupid as that thing they used to have, called a “terminating pass” which is a fail…) 2) the bright young things decided that kids didnt need to know the basics, because they can get it all off the internet, use a keyboard, and a calculator. And what are they planning to do now? classify kids according to ability and get back to basics.

I knew we were in trouble when 25 years ago my partner’s kids came home from school with their spelling lists… and the teachers had misspelled words on the lists.

They dont need the tech until they have mastered the basics. end of.



This reads like it may fit the task.


Looks perfect. For lots of people!


My daughter tried using her 3DS without permission. I warned her she’d lose it if she did it again. She did it again and I took it away, erased it and sold it. Don’t mess around with this and kids – set a firm line and tell them that they lose the iPad if they break the rules. If you don’t do this, they grow up thinking they can always get away with things.

My kids have timers on their iPad usage – 30 mins max! They sure as hell aren’t going to have them sitting in their room able to be used anytime, and they don’t know the pin on any of the devices in the house regardless.

Sorry for the rant, but after spending years teaching kids, I know what works and what doesn’t.


He needs the iPad for school, so unfortunately selling it isn’t an option.

When he first did it, all of his games were wiped, and he had a week without it - including for school. (His teacher wasn’t thrilled but was accepting of our decision.)

We did however then let him gradually “earn” back some games over time for good behaviour… then he did it again. etc.

Even with the games wiped (again), he was getting on YouTube to watch Stampy f’ing Cat… At least the wifi block has fixed that option.