Best HTML editor for Mac


Right now I’m only looking for a WYSIWYG editor but I didn’t name the thread that because once I’ve caught up in my knowledge (it’s been a few years since I’ve toyed with the basics), I’d prefer to have a proper editor.

In that time, though, the field seems to have exploded with options. There’s also a bunch of open source ones as well. I’d appreciate some indications on what are the best/worst options these days.

Prefer free, of course, always, but if there’s something that is considered utterly brilliant, must-have, totally awesome, can’t live without, and it costs money, then I’ll take a look.


Have a look at Flux 6, which Benny mentioned in Friday’s news. Brand new release from a Melbourne dev team - I’ll be reviewing it in the near future. Not free but does have a 30-day trial if that fits your needs.


I might wait a bit to test that one out. Whenever I get trials I always end up forgetting or procrastinating and then by the time I get around to using it, the trial is either over or close to being over :smile:

I’ll definitely give it a look (eventually) though, thanks.


I’ve been using BBEdit for a long while now:


Wow. BBEdit is still around. I hadn’t even considered that, thanks.


Holy crap guys, smile! :smiley: