Best ways to filter out adult content for multi-device households


Hey all - am looking for best ways to filter out adult content on the devices we have in our household. Are application filters installed on individual devices the best way to go or should I be looking at filtering at the modem level - or both? Also, what can be done about filtering on 4G enabled devices?

Need consideration for iPhones, Macbook, PSP and PS.

The phones we have are with Telstra and I’ve setup restrictions on my kids’ numbers but I don’t know how effective Telstra are at filtering inappropriate content.

What solutions have parents here put into place to safeguard their children? What options should I be considering?


On the mac I’ve turned on parental controls - it’s a bit of a pain as it blocks all https traffic unless you specifically allow it which means adding an exception for every server as it is accessed. This is all I’ve done as their device use is supervised and the only time anything dodgy got accessed was due to some chrome plugin that went rogue and started changing ads to porn.


I’d be interested in people’s ideas here as well for a network based filter with three kids in the house and a multitude of devices.


For the home network I have used Open DNS previoulsy.


OpenDNS looks like a good option for web enabled devices at home. Would take care of the computers, PSP and PS. I’ll need something though for iPhone/iPad as these can be disconnected from the wifi to utilise 4G data. As I mentioned, Telstra allow some restrictions for pre-paid services, which is good, but I don’t know if it’s good enough.


I wonder if you can set the dns server of an iOS 4G connection with a config profile…