Best wifi router?


Simple question (and yes I have Googled this but wanted people who have real world experience) - what is the best wifi router money can buy? No need to be a modem, just wireless router to connect my many many wifi devices to, that is robust, fast, doesn’t disconnect, and is good.

Assume money is no objection.

Thanks in advance!


Google Wifi set of 3? I use the OnHub and have been happy with it. Imported from US. If you want Apple, then AirPort Extreme but they’ve stopped making those.


Apple haven’t stopped making Airport Extremes, but they have ceased development.

I have one and it connects 2 Macs, 1 Samsung TV and a 4th gen Apple TV - works brilliantly.


Yeah my Airport Extreme is the best WiFi AP I’ve used.


I’d suggest a Draytek would probably be the ‘best’ (most powerful and functional) router that doesn’t require prior training to set up.

Draytek Vigo 2760n (or if you can wait for stock the 2760Vn).

It’ll do just about anything a router/modem can (plus Voip for the V model)


Thanks for all the responses! :slight_smile: I’m very grateful.

I already have an Airport Extreme 802.11AC.

Ok, after much research, I went and bought the best available wifi router on the market:

Netgear Nighthawk X10 R9000 - AD7200 MU-MIMO Tri-Band WiFi Router

I’ll put my Airport Extreme 802.11AC up for sale - let me know if you are interested, I bought it on Oct 11 2013, still have the original receipt from Apple Chadstone store, cost $249 on purchase brand new.


AirPort Extreme. Other than the new kid on the block (Eero) I’ve used them all, fought with them all, settled on Apple’s gear. It works, the admin software is awesome (even from iOS) and they are rock solid.

I’ll be heartbroken if the rumours are true and the discontinue them. I must have 40 of them around Melbourne that I support.

Edit: Just saw you already had and are replacing one. :slight_smile:


letting you know :smiley:


I’ve already sold it to another member - sorry! :slight_smile: Didn’t realise it was so popular!