Beta...and battery replacement service



I have the iPhone 6s Plus and I scheduled the battery replacement. The issue is Apple support wants me to downgrade to iOS 11.2.6 from the current version of Beta im running (11.3.x)

two isues I have;

  1. how do I downgrade?
  2. when I attempted to restore the phone via itunes it stated on one of the popup messages that I have some purchases on the iPhone and they will be lost unless I move them to iTunes or I will have to purchase them again! really?! so how do I moe these purchases to my iTunes on my MacPro ?

I’m sorry for all these questions but I’m a bit lost…


If you’re not sure how to downgrade from an iOS beta, you probably shouldn’t be running it in the first place. Seems pretty irresponsible.

But it turns out there’s an Apple support article for that, so here you go:

Depending on what your purchases are, they won’t be lost. You can always re-download apps, in-app purchases can be restored (in most cases), and I’m pretty sure you can still re-download iTunes Store music and movies. Either way, transfer your purchases using the menu option (File -> Devices -> Transfer purchases from “device”).


Why do you say that? The whole point of the public beta system is to get as many beta testers as possible. Just because a person doesn’t know something doesn’t make them “irresponsible”, it might make them “silly” (excuse the use of this word) but irresponsible is certainly not the right word to use here IMHO


all good guys…

this was also part of a process i had with Apple after the last beta update where the internal camera started to have trouble with autofocus.
i logged a call and Apple advised to downgrade to determine if beta software was at fault, just downgraded and guess what? camera working ok so possible issue with beta software affecting camera software.
on the phone with Apple now to update ticket :slight_smile: