BluRay - Capture from XBox?



Can I capture content from an XBox One S’s BluRay drive into my MacPro5,1?




You’d need one of those game capture things… easier way would be to have a bluray drive connected directly to the mac and rip it.


The SuperDrive in my MacPro is very clunky sounding…

Probably have to prioritise SSD and a few other things over a BluRay though…


You mean you want to use the Xbox optical drive as a way of reading optical media on your Mac?

That ain’t gonna work. Pick up a USB optical drive, any type will work, doesn’t have to be the SuperDrive.



My hope was to be able to access the XBox One S’s bluray drive via the Mac, so I could back up my small but growing selection of BluRays… without actually buying “another” BluRay drive.

If it really can’t be done, then I may well look at an internal BluRay drive to replace the MacPro’s optical drive, as sounds like it’s dying. That said - I’m pretty sure the optical in my G5 is ok - if I can swap it over… though not sure if they are compatible.