Boxes, boxes everywhere



Do you hold on to boxes from your iPhones, Apple TVs, iPads and MacBooks?


Yes. Much to my Wifes disgust.

I had a big clean out a few year ago and got rid of a pile of the boxes including more than a few that were for stuff I no longer even had :stuck_out_tongue: It makes selling stuff (should you ever go there) easier and makes things look more attractive when they have the original box.

So yes, boxes from just about all the things are stored away, although I was looking at them over the last couple of days and feel like I should move them into the roof space instead of the garage as they start to take up more and more real estate. I will have to get some plywood or something to make a big flat space and a painters drop sheet or similar to throw over it all to help with the amount of dust up there.


Yep, I keep everything. Makes it easier when it comes time to sell, store or move.


Keep them all :slight_smile: Especially Apple ones.


It depends upon the size of the box, I normally keep iPhone boxes but I don’t keep anything bigger.


I keep boxes for electronic gear. Except I have a truckload of boxes from old external drives and they really need to go. Always keep Apple boxes where possible. Sadly I now have two devices bought second hand which did not come with their original boxes and thats a pain. I guess I should post a WTB.


Yeah I also keep all product boxes. Not just Apple ones. Normally for as long as the product is physically in use.

As someone that’s ship products back for warranty and repairs it makes things so much easier.


I have a LOT of Apple boxes. I’m ashamed to say I have made a bit of a display it :open_mouth: haha


I do the same! They’re all proudly on display for all to see!


Glad i’m Not alone :blush::blush:


I’m starting to come round to the opinion that boxes aren’t actually worth the hassle.

Yes, keeping the box from a re-sale point of view can increase the price you will get… BUT you need to be selling to a particular niche for that benefit. Jo/e Public doesn’t care if it has the box or not. Also the time frame is a big factor. Yes, in 20 years time - having the box is probably going to work in your favour, because the people buying will be that niche market. But in the shorter term, not so much.

That said, as per similar thread 2 years ago - I have box of boxes… mostly Apple related. (And my G1 Optimus Prime & Megatron both have their boxes… :slight_smile: )


Im a box hoarder. Have a cupboard full if audio gear and Apple boxes in the shed. I have a problem I know.


It depends on what the product is as to whether I keep the box. Apple and other technology products I hang onto the boxes for resale & warranty purposes. Last time I chucked one was the box for my first iMac, packaging it for shipping when I sold it was a massive PITA.

I know one doesn’t need the original packaging for warranty returns, but it just makes the whole process easier.

Larger items like TVs, kitchen appliances etc - I’ll hang on to the box until I’m confident it won’t need to go back for whatever reason and then chuck the box.


We have the packaging for our first Mac (LC 475) and pretty much everything onwards.


Oh, I remember why I chucked the iMac box now. That’s how I discovered that the shed had a small leak in the roof.