Broken MacBook Air Screen


My daughter came home from school and her MacBook Air 13 has a broken screen.

I’m 135 kilometres from Melbourne and I’m wondering if anyone can give me an idea of roughly how much I should expect to pay if I take it to an Apple store (it’s out of warranty). I googled but the prices were all over the place… some were as high as $700.

If it’s that expensive are there 3rd party options for repair?

comments welcome.


Covered by home contents insurance by any chance?

Just googling too… As a ball-park… iFixit have 2010-11 13" Macbook Air screens for $198… add a few hours labour to that…

Hopefully it’s not obsolete or Apple wont help anyways.


Doesn’t Apple replace the whole top case on that model?


I am not sure, I just got back a quote from quoting Brand new A+ Grade Laptop screen + Professional Installation + Free pick up/delivery = NOW $475

Nothing from anyone else yet.

Because we have joint custody of my daughter and she was left my ex’s house to go to school that day the insurance company are saying any claim would have to go against my ex’s house. But her insurance are saying she didn’t option the ‘computer’ section of her contents policy and also that the computer was damaged at school not at home.

So… not going to get far there.


The Display Clamshell, yep. Top Case would be the keyboard and surrounding frame.

I know where I work a screen replacement would be closer to $900, which sounds on par with a lot of the other service providers around. The Genius Bar would likely charge somewhat less, but I don’t know if it would be a major price difference.

Out of curiosity, what year model is it? (Or roughly how old is it?)

I occasionally have replacement display assemblies - screen, lid, hinges, camera, antennas, etc - around from salvage machines, often in good condition, removed from units that have had damaged keyboards, trackpads, etc. I know you’re outside Melbourne and I’m in Adelaide, so logistics are a concern there… but I’m happy to see what I have around, if that helps at all.


$535.70 was the quote from Apple in 2013.

These guys ended up doing for much less:

…although I was living in Sydney at the time… but at least it gives you a bench mark and a mail in service if all else fails.


Thanks for the information all :slight_smile:


Yes we have had the same issue with the same model laptop.

Laptop Screen Repair Sydney advised the screen is now harder to get. So a supply and demand is driving prices up.