Bye bye iTunes


Bye bye



Honestly… I don’t mind. The only thing I use it for these days is movie rentals and if they split iTunes into music and movie/tv apps then it’ll be less bloated.

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I find it a little ironic… Plex brings everything together into 1 - movies, pics, audio… And now iTunes, which did the same, is now splitting them all apart.

I guess I have my solution right there - though in reality Plex has been my solution to iTunes before the news of its demise. It’s a pretty rare day that I need iTunes, though it’s probably got to be one of Apple’s oldest living apps, outside Quicktime.



Can’t wait to have my iTunes 12 year old iTunes library stuffed around with. I’ve put a lot of time into album artwork, making complications, multi disk collections etc APPEAR PROPERLY. Not to mention manually volume adjusting tracks etc. Then there’s my integration with

Then again, going to 10.15 will mean running a dual partition to access 32bit apps (basically all my Mac based games).

“Apple it just works”



iTunes, do I really need it?

Wooo can’t wait apple’s lack of ability in improving applications to come along to iTunes ( in the style of photos, final cut, iWork) where huge amounts of features go missing and take years to be reinstated and if at all.

I’ve spent a lot of time getting my iTunes library just right and so help me if that is destroyed through feature removal.



Itunes getting retired eh? Well I guess thats the next push to get Apple Music. Which I still won’t do, and I will be looking for alternatives to Apple apps, too.



I’ve been largely unaware of the iTunes like music applications that are around - apparently there are a few. I must be the only 23 year old who maintains a music library, but I buy my music on CD or iTunes Store and have a very custom set up iTunes library. I laugh when my friends complain that x song has disappeared from their streaming service.

I think in all likelihood, the new ‘Music’ Application that will either be a reskin of iTunes that only handles music + syncing, or it will be some sort of iPad music app port which will be very feature thinned downed.

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