Calls that don't ring?



From time to time - sometimes more than others - I will miss a call, despite the phone not being on silent, and sitting in my pocket where I can hear it if it were to ring.

EG Has happened at least twice in the past few days - same with my wife. We are both using iPhone 5Ss.

Is this common throughout all iPhones / phones in general, or a known issue for the 5S, or the iOS (I’m on iOS 8, wife is on I think 11).

I’m getting very frustrated by this, particular as my dad’s about to have a triple bypass tomorrow, and very nearly signed up for an iPhone 8 64GB $75/month today, to hopefully have a phone that lets me know when people are calling…

Will I see less missed calls with a newer phone?




Who’s your carrier? Does your wife use the same one?


I get that a bit when calling from my Belong SIM phone to my Optus SIM phone (yes I call my own phone, it’s the easiest way to find the phone after it’s been put down somewhere) :slight_smile:


We are both with Optus…


Hey mate, I’m with Vodafone but my mate is with Optus and just today I got a missed call popup and a text stating I missed a call from him.
I had the bloody phone with me, on loud, and no way it rang…

As if the network registered the call but no ring.


My wife wants to change to Telstra due to better coverage in remote area such as when she’s on Scout camps. Lot more expensive though. I’m hearing lots of Optus Crap so far in this thread… (Cos- such a huge sample group eh)


I’m with Optus and I get shocking reception at home. I’ll be switching to Telstra once my contract is up. Free Spotify streaming be damned!


Recently ported from Virgin (Optus) to Telstra. Optus have definitely pulled up their socks here in Tassie because I haven’t noticed a significant improvement in coverage.
Telstra pricing can be decent if you BYO device. I ported in via JB Hi-Fi and got a $200 gift card on a $49 plan with $10 recurring discount. 20GB data and everything else included. Happy with that.


I’m with Woolworths (Telstra network) and find it to be stable and reliable. Its not the whole of the Telstra network but I have no complaints about reception, lost calls, or dead spots. Where I live, I only get one bar of reception, but calls come in and I can make them without issue.

I think what you need is a change of network rather than a change of phone (unless you want one, of course). I just updated my 5S (not my main phone) to iOS12 and it seems to me that it has become a bit snappier. Might be worth doing that, too, before making any rash decisions


I get this quite a bit - Telstra Network Sydney.


If your coverage is bad, just report to the ombudsman and they should help you break your contract (you may just need to pay out phone).


After first exhausting all attempts at resolving the issue with the carrier. TIO is an avenue of last resort.


Most of the time it’s just an annoyance, but sometimes it’s a lot more of a problem when it happens.

Well, now we’ve got Oppy & Telly having the issue…


Now you’ve got an extremely limited sample size of anecdata. To further contribute and skew your data, I’ve not experienced this problem on either T or O networks in as long as I can recall.


@FaultyTaco Ahh, but I’d say there’s enough anecdata / sample size thus far to cause myths about Telcos that should last for decades to come - if I were paid enough money and wrote a damning paper on the subject… :wink: (ref Andrew Wakefield)

All good - I’m not rushing back to pay $70/month for an iPhone 8 in the hope it will have less missed rings, based on this thread.

(Was very very tempted though simply for prospect of having a nice new shiny phone… )


What, that radio networks aren’t 100% reliable? And that the extraordinarily complex systems behind them aren’t also 100% reliable? Would you be as shocked to learn that water is wet?

As you’ve already highlighted, you and your wife both experience this on the same network so replacing the device at significant expense wouldn’t be the first step I’d take.
Maybe just disable 4G as a first step. Your data will be slower but the device won’t have to switch radios in order to receive a call.

Secondly, you’re on an ancient version of iOS. This means that the baseband (modem) firmware running on your device is also ancient. You might have to just suck it up and update to iOS 12 as part of the testing/troubleshooting process. Consider setting the device up from scratch as well to avoid any issues created by the user data.

Thirdly, you might need to look at swapping carriers. If you’re not keen on paying full Telstra prices perhaps look at one of the MVNOs instead. Boost is reasonably priced and has the advantage of being run through Telstra’s own billing system so you get the entirety of the Telstra network rather than access to the wholesale network the other MVNOs use (which effectively provides coverage where one of their competitors does and anything beyond that is a bonus)


I’m on Telstra and once in a blue moon that happens. I assume I simply didn’t hear it ring but sometimes that seems unlikely and the iphone (8) simply appears to have not rung. Not a frequent issue though.

Price wise Telstra aren’t as expensive as they used to be. They can’t afford to be with the competition now.


Seems as far as pricing is concerned, the iPhone 8 is cheapest with Optus ($70/month), so am keeping that in mind… but my wife’s contract ends in the next 2 weeks… and she has 2 job interviews this week… so will hold off making any decisions on increasing our annual expenditure by $1680 for 2 Phones…


I am with Telstra, but what the problem actually turned out to be was that somehow (unknown!) the Do Not Disturb function got switched on! So my suggestion would be to check that out next time it happens