Camera talk


Continuing the discussion from iPhone 7 launch day:


I’ve never been quite interested enough to consider the high prices of the Olympus factory housings. I’ll probably get a GH5 eventually I’m more interested now in learning something about video, but I’m going to wait to see if we get any significant sensor updates first. Micro Four Thirds has kind of stalled and my E-M5 first generation still performs just as well as the Panasonic GX8.

That’s really all kinds of not good enough after what? Nearly 5 years now… Yeah… I bought into Micro Four Thirds because of the potential of awesome small interchangeable cameras with awesome sensors. It seems Sony’s latest RX100s come pretty damn close to the performance of Micro Four Thirds.

I don’t know what I’m going to do next. Micro Four Thirds is becoming more and more like Four Thirds all the time and then Olympus has started with the pricing “Pro” lenses at the same price as high end Nikon and Canon lenses. That’s never gonna attract professionals. You can’t be serious trying to tell a lens with half the focusing ability for the same price as a Canon L or Nikon FX lens seriously?


I’m kinda tired of that also, if we don’t get a signficant new sensor I might just sell my kit and move to APS-C either with Sony or Fuji instead.


Looking for what Panasonic does with the “GH5” Hoping it keeps the same body and button layout as the GH4. Then my underwater housing would still be useable. Underwater video/ photography gear makes apple stuff look cheap.


Yup. Underwater photography is a great way of combining two already expensive hobbies.


There’s a few affordable OM-D E-M5 housings, I’m not sure how reliable they are. That seems to be an issue in itself. I’ve seen some people in some of my Facebook communities of drowned Canon 5Ds that would make your eyes water.


GH5 details are out now.

From what I understand Olympus will release a new underwater housing alongside the mk II. At this stage that doesn’t bother me. I haven’t dived in a while mainly due to lack of time. For me to go for a dive is easily an entire day written off.


If you want an underwater housing for any camera look at the Nauticam offerings. Nauticam US

4K 60fps and 10bit 4.2.2. :grinning: Looks like same body with a few different button placements.


I have to say Canikon’s announcements at Photokina were more than a little boring. Nikon produced an action cam they announced 6 months ago along with 2 more versions nobody asked for…and…no, that was all…sorry. Canon produced a mirrorless that looks like it’s already 2 years behind the competitors, but at least they’re consistent…they were two years behind Nikon on their sensors so it makes sense they would do the same with mirrorless.

Really expected more with the pressure from the mirrorless market on them. I thought Nikon would probably be smart enough to produce a FF mirrorless or DX mirrorless, or both but not even a whisper. They’re either stupid or ignorant to the market share they are losing. I know of two DSLR users who switched in the last couple of months, and a couple more who were waiting on Photokina with plans to switch if nothing materialised. I personally would have loved a mirrorless second body while keeping my pro glass, something like the DF in FF mirrorless would have been awesome.


The new MF Fuji dSLR looks pretty sweet!


Agree. Still think it’s going to cost a fair whack though, and with Sony bringing out 50MP sensor without a 70MP potential waiting, it may be cheaper to go with Sony and a good Zeiss lens with similar quality.