Can Chrome Passwords Be Imported To Safari?


I can’t seem to find any way to do this. I’ve tried a few things that I’ve found in web searches but none of it has worked. Safari used to import directly from Chrome but for some reason they don’t do passwords now, only bookmarks and history. I really want to divorce myself from the Googlesphere but fuck they make it hard.


Try this?


Thanks, but unfortunately that is very out of date. It seems that Chrome, Firefox and Safari have all nuked their import functionality. They don’t even have the option to import.


I use 1Password, i live in no particular world :stuck_out_tongue:
This looks relatively recent, but I have no passwords saved to attempt to export/import

I will assume Lastpass would also allow this sort of thing.


Safari may have removed the ability to import passwords (from Chrome or otherwise), but what about Firefox? (I don’t have Firefox downloaded on my Mac.)


Yeup, Firefox as well. I can export passwords to a .csv file from Chrome, but can’t get it into Safari. I’ve googled and tried just about everything, hence why I’m posting here.


Okay, fair enough. I posted that link when I was away from my Mac, so I wasn’t sure if that was still a thing. I can understand that feature getting kyboshed by Apple; I’d imagine the saved passwords would be encrypted, and would require a conversion to plain text, which would open up any number of security issues.