Can news posts be fully expanded by default?


So I have a news problem. So you know how when you open the daily news post and you have to click on ‘read full post’ and then you are reading the news and you click on a link and read that and then you go back and the news goes back to the page where you have to press ‘read full post’ again. That’s annoying. I’ve changed to the ‘open links on new tab’ pref but it doesn’t seem to work…
Is there any way the news post can be entirely included in the thread by default?

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We’re looking into this.


I think we had attempted to enable this but there was a Discourse bug - it seems to be fixed now though. Keep an eye on tomorrow’s news.

The “open links in new tab” preference, along with a few other things, doesn’t seem to work properly on content that’s posted from the blog. Looking into it.


Apparently I can’t reply as a new topic from mobile, so maybe Toby will be nice enough to move this for me.

But the “open links in new tab” preference works fine, either from a global or per-user perspective. Links posted directly to topics open in a new tab as expected when you have it enabled.

The issue you’re running into is to do with how Discourse grabs content from WordPress; as stuff is loaded dynamically, it doesn’t register those links as “links that will open in a new tab”, if that makes sense.

To answer your question: no, it’s probably not possible to have the entire content of the post in the topic, as that’s not how the Discourse and WP integration works. That’s not saying it can’t be modified to work that way, but the Discourse part is more of a discussion platform, a companion to the reading part that’s on WP.

In the meantime, either use the right-click and open link in new tab option, or middle-click, whatever works for you.


Fairly sure what palais means is this little button that says “Show full post”…

Which is a little annoying. Everytime you click a link in the News it may open in a new tab, but when you go back to the article you always have to click “Show full post…” again.


Yeah, so the resolution to that is right-clicking and then hitting “open link in new tab”, so the current tab is preserved and you don’t have to hit “read full post” every time you click on a link.


Or long pressing and choosing ‘open in background’ for the people reading on their phone :slight_smile:


See, this sounds like what’s supposed to happen (i.e the links opening in a new tab automatically - which I thought wasn’t working correctly on News posts) colliding with a lack of RAM on an iOS device. You open the new tab, then when you go back to the old one, Safari has to reload it. Is that what you meant?


Actually it (open links in a new tab) seems to work fine on everything other than the news posts, so I think that’s where I was getting confused.


Well, good news. The changes I’ve made on the WP side mean that the whole news post is visible on the forums. The “open in new tab” behaviour seems to work normally as well.

Weirdly the “Show Full Post” button is still there, even though the full post is already shown. I recommend not clicking it, as it will disable the “open in new tab” behaviour. I’ll continue investigating how we get rid of that.


Works great! Thanks for fixing it :slight_smile:


Wow, fantastic! Thanks :slight_smile: