Can someone suggest a good folder syncing app for Mac?


Of course, I have CCCloner, but I’m not sure it does what I want it to do exactly.

Basically, I want it to take my Projects folder (video projects) that I may alternately use on my Mac Pro and on my MacBook Pro and sync between my Time Capsule and my Mac Pro (my MacBook Pro, if used for editing, would draw directly from the Time Capsule, while the Mac Pro would run from an internal drive). The goal is to always have both copies of the folder represent the latest version of the projects folder. It doesn’t have to be immediate (let’s say I work on my MBP with my Time Capsule on a trip), but when I get home, I should be able to press a button and run a task that compares the two and makes both sides be the newest versions.


video projects would be rather large, wouldnt they… have you considered using a cloud option?

The example I’ll give will perhaps not suit you, but its worth considering. I use Calibre to store all my ebooks. I was looking for a sync option, too, so I would always have the latest version of the database available to me wherever I was. So I chose to store it in my Dropbox folder instead of just in my documents folder. That way, every change is immediately synced. A suggestion, no more. The dropbox solution (or box, icloud or whatever) doesnt work for everyone.


Very large indeed, so no, cloud would not be useful. We’re talking hundreds of gigs of files.


Then a server at home i guess. file sync for files of hundreds of gigs would defeat me. would not even try.


Yes, I realise that. Space is not the issue. Having an application that makes sure both folders are identical is what I am asking about here.


Yes I do realise that. cant recommend one, I think they are all probably much of a muchness. Are there any you already tried and found wanting?


This might do what you want by the looks of it


OneDrive / Dropbox / Google Drive / etc are your best bet here, and then you benefit from having an off-site backup of your content if something goes wrong locally.


Wouldn’t that be really expensive? I just checked, and my current Project Files folder is:

150,725,643,962 bytes (150.73 GB on disk) for 1,167 items

And that’s only likely to get bigger as I start getting closer to finishing some of them up.


Have a look at Chrono Sync.


I did, but I don’t understand how it works, and I don’t want to pay for something until I know it works… Literally I need one function: update both folders to newest modified versions. I can’t seem to find a trial version…



Awesome, thanks. I’ll give it a try if I can and see if it works for me.


I use DropSync3 (it’s on the Mac App Store)

It’s fast and reliable, and I use it to sync some of my drives.


ForkLift may do what you’re after. I use it to sync my media drives.


I have 1TB of storage in OneDrive and it costs me $10 a month.